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Résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte de 2010

Le CRSNG est fier d’annoncer les résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte (SAD) de 2010.

Le Programme de SAD vise à fournir en temps opportun d’importantes ressources supplémentaires afin d’accélérer le progrès et de maximiser les retombées de programmes de recherche exceptionnels. En 2010 le CRSNG a accordé 15 millions de dollars à 125 chercheurs mis en candidature au concours de SAD. Les suppléments sont d’une valeur totale de 120 000 $ et sont versés sur une période de trois ans.

La liste des candidats retenus se trouve ci-dessous :

Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte
Résultats du concours de 2010
Nom Titre de la recherche Département Université
Afshordi, Niyayesh Astrophysical windows into fundamental physics Physics and Astronomy Waterloo
Agrawal, Aneil Evolutionary biology of deleterious mutations and sex Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Toronto
Ainslie, Philip Integration between breathing and brain blood flow Okanagan - Health and Social Development, Faculty of British Columbia
Aissa Jaidi, Sonia Cognitive radio networks for agile ubiquitous communications: fundamental analysis, enabling technologies, and service provisioning Centre Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications (ÉMT) Varennes INRS
Albert, Wayne Fatigue-related accomodations to lifting coordination patterns Kinesiology, Faculty of New Brunswick
Alexakis, Spyridon Three problems in geometric analysis: the black hole uniqueness question, minimal surfaces in hyperbolic space, and global Kahler invariants Mathematics Toronto
Angel, Omer Random spatial processes Mathematics British Columbia
Antle, Michael Effects of arousal on the cicadian clock Psychology Calgary
Arbel, Tal Probabilistic inference in computer vision and medical imaging Electrical and Computer Engineering McGill
Arcese, Peter Phenotypic, genetic and demographic responses to environmental variation and inbreeding in the song sparrow Forest Sciences Centre British Columbia
Baker, Don Melts, fluids, crystals: equilibrium and disequilibrium processes in magmatic systems Earth and Planetary Sciences McGill
Barriault, Louis New opportunities in domino reactions and homogenous gold(I) catalysis Chemistry Ottawa
Berciu, Mona Inesa Investigations of dressed quasiparticles Physics and Astronomy British Columbia
Bernier, Nicholas Regulation and function of the stress response in fish Integrative Biology Guelph
Bruce, Ashley Zebrafish epiboly as a model of vertebrate embryonic cell rearrangement Cell and Systems Biology Toronto
Brudnyi, Alexander Algebraic and geomatric methods in problems of analysis Mathematics and Statistics Calgary
Buck, Leslie Naturally evolved cellular adaptations to anoxia Cell and Systems Biology Toronto
Cai, Lin Configurable protocol design and optimization for ubiquitous networks Electrical and Computer Engineering Victoria
Caloz, Christophe Multiple-scale metamaterials for enhanced radiofrequency devices and systems Génie électrique École Polytechnique
Charpentier, Paul Inorganic-organic hybrids for solar energy applications Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Western Ontario
Chechik, Marsha Abstraction and automation for model management Computer Science Toronto
Chen, Aicheng Design and electrochemical study of nanostructured surfaces and functional nanomaterials Chemistry Lakehead
Constabel, Peter Molecular analysis of phenolic metabolism and herbivore defense in populus Biology Victoria
Crudden, Cathleen Organic synthesis and materials chemistry via catalytic organoborane chemistry Chemistry Queen's
Cunningham, Michael Design and synthesis of functional polymer colloids Chemical Engineering Queen's
Dai, Liming Mobilizing multiphase liquid in porous media by nonlinear vibration and wave propagation stimulations Engineering, Faculty of Regina
De Crescenzo, Gregory Surface bioconjugaison for regenerative medicine applications Génie chimique École Polytechnique
Diederichs, Mark Improved mechanical models and engineering management strategies for the excavation damage zone (EDZ) in sedimentary rocks around underground nuclear waste repositories Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Queen's
Dobrinski, Ina Characterization and germ line differentiation of non-rodent embryonic stem cells Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Calgary
Dolatabadi, Ali Analysis of two-phase flows for spraying processes Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Concordia
Dubois, Charles Novel energetic polymers and metal-hybrid compounds Génie chimique École Polytechnique
Duncan, Neil Multi-scale mechanics of musculoskeletal tissues Civil Engineering Calgary
Duong, Franck Nanodiscs to study membrane proteins Biochemistry and Molecular Biology British Columbia
Eck, Douglas New machine learning methods for music: learning at multiple timescales Informatique et recherche opérationnelle Montréal
El Naggar, M. Hesham Physical and numerical modeling of SSI Civil and Environmental Engineering Western Ontario
Englehart, Kevin Myoelectric control of powered upper limb prostheses Electrical and Computer Engineering New Brunswick
Fels, Deborah Accessible new media systems Information and Technology Management, School of (ITM) Ryerson
Flowers, Gwenn Influence of dynamics on glacier and ice-sheet mass balance Earth Sciences Simon Fraser
Fortin, Daniel Mechanisms of herbivore distribution under predation risk Biologie Laval
Fradin, Cécile A quantitative look at the motion of proteins in cells Physics and Astronomy McMaster
Fraser, Ailana Minimal submanifolds in riemannian geometry Mathematics British Columbia
Freeman, Mark Nanomagnetomechanics and lattice-resolved spin dynamics Physics Alberta
Guglielmo, Christopher Mechanisms of fuel use and water balance during flight and refueling in migratory birds and bats Biology Western Ontario
Guy, Robert Comparative physiology of plant adaptation: resource acquisition and constraints of growing season length in balsam poplar from temperate, boreal and arctic environments Forest Sciences Centre British Columbia
Hassan, Ibrahim A study of boiling heat transfer mechanisms in micro-fluidic systems Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Concordia
Hegmann, Torsten Modulating the properties of liquid crystals using nanoparticles as dopants Chemistry Manitoba
Heidrich, Wolfgang Computational imaging for graphics and vision Computer Science British Columbia
Holroyd, Clay Neural mechanisms of reward processing and cognitive control Psychology Victoria
Hoos, Holger Programming by optimisation: computer-aided design of high-performance algorithms for hard combinatorial problems Computer Science British Columbia
Husband, Brian Ecology and evolution of genetic systems Integrative Biology Guelph
Kishawy, Hossam Machining of metal matrix composites and attainable surface integrity Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Ontario Institute of Technology
Labbé, Simon Molecular control of iron-sensing in yeast Biochimie Sherbrooke
Landriault, David Ruin theoretical analysis Statistics and Actuarial Science Waterloo
Larochelle, Sophie Photonics technologies for access networks and short range communications Génie électrique et génie informatique Laval
Leri, Francesco Neuropsychopharmacology of response reacquisition Psychology Guelph
Leung, Debbie Quantum communication theory Combinatorics and Optimization Waterloo
Li, Hongbin Protein mechanics and engineering at the single molecule level Chemistry British Columbia
Liu, Paul Evolutionary and functional versatility of inteins Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dalhousie
Lvovsky, Alexander Quantum information with light and atoms Physics and Astronomy Calgary
MacIsaac, Hugh Models to predict colonization, spread and evolution of invasive species Great Lakes Inst. for Environmental Res. (GLIER) Windsor
Maloney, Alexander Holography from the Planck scale to the Hubble scale Physics McGill
Mantovani, Diego Designing materials and surface modifications for cardiovascular applications Génie des mines, métallurgie et matériaux Laval
Mathur, Jaideep Dissection of early subcellular interactions and responses of plants Molecular and Cellular Biology Guelph
Michaud, Dominique Recombinant cystatins in plants Phytologie Laval
Mizera, Ivan Optimization theory and algorithms in functional and object-oriented data analysis: from quantitative to qualitative aspects Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Alberta
Moffett, Peter Anti-viral mechanisms induced by the plant immune system / Les mécanismes anti-viraux induits par le système immunitaire végétal Biologie Sherbrooke
Möller, Torsten Regular lattices in visualization and graphics Computing Science Simon Fraser
Momose, Takamasa Spectroscopy and dynamics of molecules at very low temperatures Chemistry British Columbia
Moselhi, Osama Automation in construction/project management Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Concordia
Müller, Martin Search and simulation in games and planning Computing Science Alberta
Mulligan, Catherine Development of a biosurfactant/nanotechnology approach for remediation of contaminated soils, sediments and water Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Concordia
O'Donnell, Michael Cellular and molecular mechanisms of ion transport and excretion in insect and crustaceans Biology McMaster
Otto, Sarah (Sally) Theoretical and genomic approaches to reveal key traits underlying adaptation and diversification Zoology British Columbia
Peeters, Els The PAH emission bands as a diagnostic tool Physics and Astronomy Western Ontario
Perrin, David Studies in bioorganic chemistry and synthetic biology Chemistry British Columbia
Peter, Yves-Alain Tunable optical microresonators for communication and sensing Génie physique École Polytechnique
Pineyro, Graciela Multimeric signalling complexes of opioid receptors Psychiatrie Montréal
Poinar, Hendrik Causes and consequences of late pleistocene extinctions Anthropology McMaster
Precup, Doina Developmental reinforcement learning Computer Science, School of McGill
Punnen, Abraham Algorithms for hard discrete optimization problems with linear and quadratic objective functions Mathematics Simon Fraser
Radisic, Milica Cardiac tissue engineering and cell separation Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Toronto
Raz, Amir Elucidating the role of suggestion in the cognitive control of attention Psychiatry McGill
Reyhani-Masoleh, Arash Efficient and reliable computations for cryptography and coding: architectures and algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering Western Ontario
Richards, Jeffrey Mechanisms and evolution of hypoxia tolerance Zoology British Columbia
Rodriguez, Manuel Drinking water quality: management at the source and in the distribution system Aménagement du territoire et développement régional, École supérieure d' Laval
Rohling, Robert Dual-source 3D ultrasound and adaptive imaging for guidance and elastography Electrical and Computer Engineering British Columbia
Rosehart, William Multi-objective optimization under uncertainty for electrical energy systems with renewable energy sources, load participation, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Electrical and Computer Engineering Calgary
Saint-Aubin, Jean Investigating the reading processes captured by the missing-letter effect Psychologie, École de Moncton
Sauvé, Sébastien Environmental fate of emerging contaminants Chimie Montréal
Scavone, Gary Modeling and measurements of music instruments Schulich School of Music McGill
Schoenbohm, Lindsay How do continental plateaus grow? Climate-tectonic interactions in Tibet, Anatolia and the Central Andes Chemical and Physical Sciences Toronto
Scholes, Gregory Quantum effects in biology and chemistry Chemistry Toronto
Schost, Eric Efficient algorithms in computer algebra and their applications Computer Science Western Ontario
Shepherd, Bruce Polyhedral methods for optimization and algorithm design Mathematics and Statistics McGill
Shi, Yan Biophysical basis of single cell force spectroscopy Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Calgary
Simpson, Myrna Molecular-level studies of soil organic matter structure and interactions with clay mineral surfaces Physical & Environmental Sciences (Scarborough College) Toronto
Smith, Matthew Functional analysis of chloroplast protein import components Biology Wilfrid Laurier
Spencer, Gaynor Mechanisms underlying the trophic and chemotropic effects of retinoic acid Biological Sciences Brock
Stairs, Ingrid Pulsar astronomy: a powerful tool for fundamental astrophysics Physics and Astronomy British Columbia
Storey, Margaret-Anne Understanding the role of Web 2.0 and social media in collaborative software development Computer Science Victoria
Sutherland, Bruce Intrusions and the lifecycle of internal waves Physics Alberta
Tahar, Sofiène Formal verification of physical systems and devices Electrical and Computer Engineering Concordia
Take, William Effects of climate and climate change on the soil slopes of our natural and built environment Civil Engineering Queen's
Thomson, Murray Developing a fundamental understanding of biofuel combustion Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Toronto
Toyserkani, Ehsan Smart tools: laser macro/micro fabrication strategies for embedding fiber optic sensors within heterogeneous metallic structures Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Waterloo
Tremblay, Jacques Roles and mechanisms of action of nuclear receptors in steroidogenesis Obstétrique et gynécologie Laval
Turner, Raymond Studies in multi-resistance mechanisms: small multidrug resistance proteins Biological Sciences Calgary
Van de Panne, Michiel Scalable physics-based modeling of skilled movement Computer Science British Columbia
Veinot, Jonathan Preparation of functional group 14 nanomaterials via thermolysis of sol-gel derived precursors Chemistry Alberta
Vellend, Mark Ecological and community genetics of plants Botany British Columbia
Vocadlo, David Chemical tools to study eukaryotic protein glycosylation Chemistry Simon Fraser
Wagner-Riddle, Claudia Net greenhouse gas flux from agro-ecosystems for bioenergy Environmental Sciences, School of Guelph
Wang, Shengrui Mining high-dimensional data, sequences and data streams / Prospection de données de grande dimension, de séquences et de flux de donées Informatique Sherbrooke
Waskiewicz, Andrew Transcriptional regulation of zebrafish forebrain patterning Biological Sciences Alberta
Watson, Neil Sexual dimorphism in neural structure and function Psychology Simon Fraser
Whalen, Joann Earthworm-microbial interactions controlling nitrous oxide production in perennial grass- and legume- based agroecosystems using stable isotopes and molecular markers Natural Resource Sciences McGill
White, Andrew Riboregulation of RNA virus replication Biology York
Wong, Vincent Protocols design for cooperative wireless networks Electrical and Computer Engineering British Columbia
Woodin, Melanie Disinhibition-mediated long-term potentiation Cell and Systems Biology Toronto
Wright, Stephen Extent and genomic basis of plant adaptation Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Toronto
Yousefi, Shahram Rateless codes for advanced architectures Electrical and Computer Engineering Queen's
Youssef, Amr Cryptographic hash functions: analysis, design and implementation Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Concordia
Zaynullin, Kirill Algebraic cycles on homogeneous varieties Mathematics and Statistics Ottawa
Zou, Xingfu Dynamics of some evolution equations with temporal delay and/or spatial diff Applied Mathematics Western Ontario
Zurob, Hatem Microstructure development and optimization in metals Materials Science and Engineering McMaster