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Résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte de 2014

Le CRSNG est fier d’annoncer les résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte (SAD) de 2014.

Le Programme de SAD vise à fournir en temps opportun d’importantes ressources supplémentaires afin d’accélérer le progrès et de maximiser les retombées de programmes de recherche exceptionnels. En 2014 le CRSNG a accordé 15 millions de dollars à 125 chercheurs mis en candidature au concours de SAD. Les suppléments sont d’une valeur totale de 120 000 $ et sont versés sur une période de trois ans.

La liste des candidats retenus se trouve ci-dessous :

Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte
Résultats du concours de 2014
Nom Titre de la recherche Université
Allan, Douglas Female-biased sexual dimorphism of neurons in Drosophila British Columbia
Allison, William Ted Evolution of neurodegeneration and other specializations in the vertebrate visual system Alberta
Amon, Cristina Hierarchical Multi-scale Modelling of Thermal/Fluid Transport Processes in Energy-intensive Applications Toronto
An, Aijun Online Mining of Big Data Streams Using Cloud Computing York
Anderson, Alan Ore metal transport in hydrous silicate melts and silicate-rich aqueous fluids St. Francis Xavier
Aubertin, Michel Critical issues for improved mine wastes disposal: Investigation of self-weight consolidation, accelerated drainage, strength gain under unsaturated conditions, and stability of engineering works École Polytechnique de Montréal
Azana, Jose Rethinking the fundamentals of photonic signal processing for green communications and computing INRS
Aziz, Hany Exciton-induced Degradation of Interfaces in Organic Optoelectronic Devices Waterloo
Badia, Antonella Harnessing Interfacial Phenomena at Self-Assembled Organic Ultrathin Films Montréal
Bahreyni, Behraad Putting pn junctions to work: silicon micro-/nano-mechanical devices based on depletion region actuators and sensors Simon Fraser
Barense, Morgan Neural mechanisms underlying recognition memory Toronto
Beaulieu, Christian Technical Development of Multinuclear Sodium Magnetic Resonance Imaging Alberta
Beg, Mirza Faisal Brains behind the eyes: Interpreting Medical Images Simon Fraser
Bertrand, François Multiscale modeling of granular and solid-liquid flows in chemical engineering processes École Polytechnique de Montréal
Bingham, Derek The Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments for Large-scale Computer Simulators Simon Fraser
Blais, Alexandre Quantum information processing and quantum optics with superconducting circuits Sherbrooke
Boddy, Christopher Harnessing Polyketide Natural Product Biosynthesis Ottawa
Boraston, Alisdair Molecular Mechanisms of Marine Polysaccharide Depolymerization and Metabolism. Victoria
Boulianne, Gabrielle The Role of Cell-Cell Interactions During Drosophila Development Toronto
Brisson, Normand Maintenance of plastid genome stability in plants Montréal
Cahill, James The ecology of plant interactions: Integrating plant behavior, traits, and community assembly Alberta
Cautis, Sabin Representation theoretic methods in geometry and topology British Columbia
Chen, Jiahua Statistical methods for finite mixture, hidden Markov and density ratio models. British Columbia
Chen, Zhongwei Advanced Graphene Based Non-Precious Catalysts for Fuel Cells Waterloo
Chinneck, John Large Scale Optimization: Algorithms and Applications Carleton
CODERRE, Terence Role of protein kinase M zeta in spinal nociceptive sensitization McGill
Coogan, Laurence Quantifying seafloor hydrothermal fluxes and their role in global geochemical cycles Victoria
Cook, William Computational Studies in Discrete Optimization Waterloo
Cordeau, Jean-François Logistics and Transportation HEC Montréal
Cosa, Gonzalo Chemical and biological processes studied with advanced imaging techniques McGill
Cowen, Leah Evolutionary Reconfiguration of Regulatory Circuitry Toronto
Crainic, Teodor Gabriel Models and methods for smart transportation and logistics Québec à Montréal
De Vernal, Anne Climate and ocean changes in Arctic-subarctic environments Québec à Montréal
Di Lollo, Vincent Initial stages of visual information processing Simon Fraser
Dillmann, Iris Beta-delayed neutron measurements for nuclear astrophysics TRIUMF
Dobbs, Matt Exploring the origin and fate of the universe with millimeter-wave and radio instrumentation and observations McGill
Dulvy, Nicholas Pattern and process in global change biology: from physiology to fisheries sustainability Simon Fraser
Duncan, Roy Role of a novel Golgi export signal in intracellular trafficking of the reovirus p14 protein Dalhousie
Eckert, Christopher The Ecology & Evolution of Species Range Limits Queen's
Fahrig, Lenore Predicting the scale of landscape context effects: How big is a landscape? Carleton
Farzan, Azadeh Advances in Program Analysis Toronto
Ferber, Reed Methods to improve the reliability of biomechanical gait kinematic data. Calgary
Fraser, Dylan Adapting to environmental change: driving factors and the persistence of small populations Concordia
Gingras, Anne-Claude Granules and bodies: specificity in RNA storage and regulation Toronto
Gonzalez, Andrew Integrative biodiversity science for global change McGill
Greiner, Russell Using Machine Learning for Personalized Medicine Alberta
Grmela, Miroslav Multiscale mesoscopic dynamics and thermodynamics École Polytechnique de Montréal
Groth, Clinton Parallel High-Order Adaptive Mesh Refinement Finite-Volume Schemes for Multi-Scale Physically-Complex Flows Toronto
Gunning, Patrick Controlling Protein Complexation and Cellular Localization using Novel Molecular Therapeutics Toronto
Higgins, Andrew Dynamics of Energetic Events in Condensed Phase Media McGill
Hossain, Ekram Distributed and Self-organizing Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks: Design, Analysis, and Optimization Manitoba
Huang, Minyi Decentralized optimization and algorithms for stochastic dynamical systems with applications Carleton
Ilyas, Ihab Cleaning and Analysis of Large Uncertain and Inconsistent Data Sources Waterloo
Iwaniuk, Andrew The behavioural ecology of the brain: integrating evolution, behaviour and neuroscience. Lethbridge
James, Noel Facies anatomy and early diagenesis of carbonate rocks Queen's
Kassen, Rees Genomics of adaptation and diversification in evolving populations of microbes Ottawa
Kattan, Lina A systems approach to integrated urban network management strategies Calgary
Kenny, Glen Human thermoregulation: separating thermal and nonthermal effects on the body's capacity to dissipate heat Ottawa
Kleiman, Rafael Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency Solar Cells for 1-sun Applications McMaster
Kolokolnikov, Theodore Collective behavior in complex systems Dalhousie
Kubow, Stan Investigation of the protective effects of polyphenols on polychlorinated biphenyl-induced inflammation and oxidative stress: impact of biotransformation McGill
Kyser, Kurtis Tracing element migration in the geosphere and biosphere Queen's
Lakshmanan, Laks Next Generation Applications of Social Systems British Columbia
Lee, Regina Application of Microsystems Technologies for Nanosatellite Design York
Léger, Pierre Development, experimental validation, and applications of 3D hydro-mechanical concrete fracture models for structural safety evaluation and rehabilitation of concrete hydraulic structures subjected to École Polytechnique de Montréal
Leon-Garcia, Alberto Design of Next Generation Smart Infrastructures and Service Platforms Toronto
Leung, Victor Smart Infrastructures for Radio Access as a Service (SIRAS) - Software-defined Wireless Access Networks for Future Generations British Columbia
Lhotak, Ondrej Interprocedural program analysis for modern object-oriented languages Waterloo
Liu, Yan-Fei A New Power Architecture with Wireless Feedback Control for Next Generation Server Power System Queen's
Lockhart, Richard Bayes assisted frequentist model assessment and statistical inference Simon Fraser
LONGSTAFFE, FREDERICK Understanding lower temperature natural systems using stable isotopes Western Ontario
Martin, Randall Interpreting Satellite Observations of Atmospheric Composition to Understand Air Quality and Climate Processes Dalhousie
Martinuzzi, Robert Vortex dynamics and energy transfer in turbulent 3D bluff-body wakes. Calgary
Matsuura, Takeshi Electrospun nanofiber membrane for membrane adsorption, membrane contactor and fouling mitigation in ultrafiltration Ottawa
Matthews, Philip From water-breathing nymphs to air-breathing adults: Insects as a model system to investigate the physiological challenges associated with the transition of life from water to land British Columbia
McCLELLAND, Grant Evolution and Plasticity of Muscle Metabolism McMaster
McDonnell, Jeffrey Runoff generation processes in headwater catchments: the role of storage and release Saskatchewan
McIndoe, Scott Mass spectrometry-led catalyst discovery Victoria
Melacini, Giuseppe Solution NMR Studies of Interactions of Ligands With Plasma Proteins McMaster
Miller, Eric Microsimulating Urban Systems Toronto
Miller, Ronald Earle Multiscale simulations of plasticity and fracture: the atomic-scale mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement in engineering alloys. Carleton
Mitchell, Denis Seismic Design and Evaluation of Concrete Bridges and Buildings McGill
Monahan, Adam Variability and Predictability of Near-Surface Winds Victoria
Mooers, Arne Applying evolutionary theory to biodiversity and conservation Simon Fraser
Morandotti, Roberto Manipulating light from a single photon to complex beams and wave packets, and their novel applications. INRS
Nestor, Adrian A neurocomputational investigation of human face processing Toronto
Newman, Roger The Interface Between Metallic Corrosion and Nanoscience Toronto
Özsu, Tamer RDF Data Management Waterloo
Packirisamy, Muthukumaran Microphotonics and Nano Integrated Bio Microsystems and Applications Concordia
PALMER, Richard Comparative and Experimental Studies of Morphology and Development Alberta
Pellerin, Robert Planification hiérarchique de projets d'ingénierie École Polytechnique de Montréal
Poulain, Alexandre Microbial controls of mercury cycling Ottawa
Prodic, Aleksandar Digitally Controlled Low-Power Hybrid SMPS Toronto
Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw Mesoscopic models of plant development Calgary
Przytycki, Piotr Hyperbolicity and dismantlability McGill
Qian, Li Efficient and Versatile Fiber-based Quantum Photonic Sources Toronto
Quideau, Sylvie Boreal soil carbon: the stable, the labile, and the unknown Alberta
Rakheja, Subhash Human Biodynamic Responses to Whole-Body Vehicular Vibration and Vibration Control Concordia
Richeson, Darrin Main Group and Transition Metal Complexes: From Fundamental Investigations to Photocatalysis Ottawa
Ripeanu, Matei Support for Massive Scale Graph Analytics British Columbia
Saatcioglu, Murat Seismic and Blast Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings Ottawa
Saddler, Jack (John) Biomass recalcitrance, the use of enzymes and their component-parts to better elucidate cellulose amorphogenesis and fiber structure British Columbia
Schiff, Sherry Towards a unifying model of Dissolved Organic Matter quality for reactivity and fate in arctic, boreal and temperate aquatic systems Waterloo
Sherratt, Thomas Understanding the diversity of anti-predator defence Carleton
Sideris, Michael Monitoring the temporal changes in the gravity field, oceans, land water and ice masses in North America by means of integrated satellite data Calgary
Sirouspour, Shahin Model Predictive Control Strategies for Mixed Telerobotic/Autonomous Robotic Systems McMaster
Slater, Gregory Biosignatures of microbial function in subsurface systems McMaster
Stix, John Transport of magma and gas from the mantle to the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions McGill
Sun, Xueliang (Andy) Nanostructured Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Western Ontario
Tan, Ping SFM++: Toward Active, Collaborative, and Semantic Structure-from-Motion (SFM) Simon Fraser
Thewalt, Michael Optical control and readout of spins in enriched 28Si for applications in quantum information Simon Fraser
Tupper, Paul Mathematical Models in Cognitive Science: Neural Fields and Exemplar Dynamics Simon Fraser
Vertegaal, Roel The Design and Evaluation of 3D Haptic Organic User Interfaces Queen's
Vincent, Warwick Climate control of aquatic microbial ecosystems Laval
Watrous, John Theoretical aspects of quantum information and computation Waterloo
Wen, John Engineered Metastable Intermolecular Composites: Microstructures, Combustion and Applications Waterloo
Wheeler, Aaron Microfluidic Tools for Bioanalysis Toronto
Woelfel, Philipp Algorithms and Complexity of Distributed Computation Calgary
Wolkow, Robert Scanning Probe and Point Projection Microscopies for Fundamental Nano-Science Studies Alberta
Yack, Jayne Neuroethology of Acoustic Communication in Larval and Adult Insects Carleton
Yau, Andrew Thermal plasma acceleration and outflows in the Earth's ionosphere Calgary
Yeow, Tze-wei Development of Micro/Nano Instruments Waterloo
Zemel, Richard Machine learning to understand images and text Toronto
Zhang, Hao (Richard) A Study of Form, Function, and Fabrication of 3D Shapes Simon Fraser
Zhu, Jingxu Two New Advancements in Fluidization Research and Technologies Western Ontario