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Résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte de 2015

Le CRSNG est fier d’annoncer les résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte (SAD) de 2015.

Le Programme de SAD vise à fournir en temps opportun d’importantes ressources supplémentaires afin d’accélérer le progrès et de maximiser les retombées de programmes de recherche exceptionnels. En 2015 le CRSNG a accordé 15 millions de dollars à 125 chercheurs mis en candidature au concours de SAD. Les suppléments sont d’une valeur totale de 120 000 $ et sont versés sur une période de trois ans.

La liste des candidats retenus se trouve ci-dessous :

Programme de suppléments d’accélération à la découverte
Résultats du concours de 2015
Nom Titre de la recherche Université
Abouheif, Ehab Eco-Evo-Devo and the origin of novelty in complex biological systems McGill
Adamowski, Jan Novel Approaches in Statistical Analysis and Coupled Social-Physical Systems Modeling for Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management in the Face of Increasing Uncertainty McGill
Altenhof, William Passive and active energy dissipation devices for superior crashworthiness performance Windsor
Arain, Muhammad Altaf Impacts of climate change, extreme weather events and management activities on managed conifer and deciduous forests McMaster
Barbeau, Benoit Développement de nouvelles stratégies pour le contrôle du manganèse dans les eaux potables École Polytechnique de Montréal
Beck, Christopher AI Planning and Mathematical Programming Toronto
Belmonte, Mark Developmental programming of the Brassica napus seed Manitoba
Berg, Aaron Improving retrievals of soil moisture from active and passive microwave satellites Guelph
Biedl, Therese Approximation algorithms for Graph Drawing Waterloo
Bouchard, Jean-François Investigation of Central Nervous System synaptogenesis Montréal
Bryce, David Insights from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance into Bonding Interactions in Solids Ottawa
Buck, Leslie Naturally Evolved Cellular Adaptations to Anoxia Toronto
Bunt, Andrea Design and Evaluation of Computing Technologies to Promote Learning of Feature-Rich Software Manitoba
Cai, Lin Cooperative and self-organizing wireless networks for machine-to-machine communications Victoria
Chan, Timothy Generalized inverse optimization with application to radiation therapy Toronto
Chouinard, Jean-Yves Méthodes de transmission de l'information robustes et sécuritaires dans les réseaux coopératifs sans fil hyperdenses Laval
Chrostowski, Lukas Silicon photonics integrated circuit design British Columbia
Collins, Benoit Free Probability, Random Matrices and Quantum Information Ottawa
Collins, Christopher Mixed-Initiative Visual Text Analytics: Data-driven Views and Analytic Guidance Ontario Institute of Technology
Collins, Louis Framework for multi-feature registration of medical images McGill
Côté, Julie Biomechanical Modeling of Posture and Movement Coordination: Fatigue, Gender and Aging effects McGill
Davidsen, Joern Physics of complex systems: emergent properties and dynamical networks Calgary
Dingel, Juergen A Toolkit for the Analysis of Models of Real-Time Embedded Software Queen's
Dipple, Gregory Mineral-fluid reactions in metamorphism and carbon sequestration British Columbia
Easa, Said Advancing performance-based highway geometric design Ryerson
Elias, Anastasia Stimulus-responsive conductive inks for remote sensing applications Alberta
Elliot, Marie RNA metabolism and regulation in Streptomyces bacteria McMaster
Ergun, Ayse Funda Streaming Algorithms for Structural Trends Simon Fraser
Filizadeh, Shaahin Novel paradigms for transient simulation of modern electric-power systems Manitoba
Flowers, Gwenn Better boundary conditions for glacier and ice-sheet modelling Simon Fraser
Frederickson, Megan The ecology and evolution of mutualism Toronto
Frost, David Fundamentals of Metal Particle Combustion for Energy and Loss Prevention Applications McGill
Gallo, Luigi Toward the event horizon with Astro-H Saint Mary's
Garcia, Damien High-speed echographic particle image velocimetry (echo-PIV) Montréal
Gates, Ian Reduced Emission In Situ Oil Sands Recovery Processes Calgary
Gharbi, Ali Commande optimale des systèmes de production et des chaînes logistiques dans un environnement dynamique et stochastique École de technologie supérieure
Ghent, Rebecca Geological processes on the terrestrial planets: regolith, cratering, and history Toronto
Gibbs-Davis, Julianne DNA Amplification by Destabilization: A Guide to Prebiotic Replication and A Tool for Diagnostics Alberta
Gill, Eric Radio Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces -- Theory and Application to Ocean Remote Sensing with HF and Marine Radar Memorial Univ. of Nfld
Gordon, Julia Uniform estimates and asymptotics for p-adic orbital integrals and characters British Columbia
Gosselin, Louis Towards enhanced energy efficiency via heat recovery and thermal innovations Laval
Gregory-Eaves, Irene Community and ecosystem dynamics of north temperate shallow lakes during the Anthropocene McGill
Hansen, David Proteasomal regulation of proliferation in the C. elegans germ line Calgary
Hu, Alan Automated Formal Verification at the Hardware/Software Boundary British Columbia
Hughes, Stephen Fundamental Studies of Light-Matter Interactions in Quantum Nanophotonics Queen's
Irwin, Andrew Projecting marine plankton responses to climate change using realized niches Mount Allison
Jeon, Soo Multimodal Sensory Integration and Control for Interactive Dexterous In-Hand Object Manipulation Waterloo
Jockusch, Rebecca Combined Mass Spectrometric and Optical Spectroscopic Investigation of Biological Molecules in Controlled Micro-environments Toronto
Kjeang, Erik Enhanced longevity of electrochemical energy systems Simon Fraser
Kuske, Rachel Stochastic nonlinear dynamics in the environment and biology British Columbia
Lajeunesse, Patrick Glaciations et évolution géologique quaternaire des fjords, fjords lacustres et marges continentales de hautes latitudes Laval
Lamoureux, Scott Hydrological and geomorphic controls over permafrost landscape degradation Queen's
Lau, Lap Chi Linear Algebraic Techniques in Algorithmic Graph Theory Waterloo
Laurion, Isabelle Influence de la physique et de l'écologie microbienne sur les émissions de gaz à effet de serre par les écosystèmes d'eau douce INRS
Lee, Jin Suk Investigating peptide signaling controlling plant development in Arabidopsis Concordia
Liang, Ben Integrated Communication and Computation Resource Management for Mobile Cloud Computing Toronto
Liang, Jie Advanced Signal Processing for Mobile Social Media Sharing Simon Fraser
Liu, Xiaoping (Peter) Towards Realistic Surgical Simulation and Training Systems Carleton
Loeppky, Jason Analysis and Optimization with Complex Computer Models British Columbia
Loewen, Mark Frazil Ice Formation and Evolution Alberta
Love, Oliver Mediation of optimal reproductive decisions by maternal stress Windsor
Luczak, Artur Neuronal patterns of activity and memory formation processes Lethbridge
MacLean, Heather Development and Application of Novel Life Cycle-based Framework: Towards a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Strategy for Canada Toronto
Maddin, Hillary Patterns and processes in the evolution of the amphibian skull Carleton
Margni, Manuele Filling the gaps in current Life cycle impact assessment framework École Polytechnique de Montréal
Martinez, Mark Novel Applications of Viscoplastic Fluids: Creating New Products for the Pulp and Paper Sector British Columbia
Matsuura, Naomi Engineering new nanostructures for enhanced interaction with imaging radiation Toronto
McAdam, Andrew Maternal and social effects on adaptation Guelph
McAdams, Stephen Perception and cognition of musical timbre McGill
McDonald, Robert Neural circuits and mechanisms of context specific conditioned inhibition Lethbridge
Mennill, Daniel Vocal learning and cultural evolution in temperate and tropical animals Windsor
Milgram, Paul Augmented Visual Displays for Teleoperation Toronto
Moosa, Rahim Model theory of fields and compact complex manifolds Waterloo
Mun, Eundeok Quantum Criticality of Heavy Fermion Systems Simon Fraser
Murphy, Michael Iron Storage by Ferritin and Microbial Growth British Columbia
Neish, Catherine Landscape evolution of planetary surfaces: Comparative analysis of impact craters in the solar system Western Ontario
Nelson, Christopher Regulation of chromatin topology Victoria
Nicolici, Nicola Systematic and Structural Methods for Post-Silicon Validation McMaster
O'Donnell, Michael Cellular and molecular mechanisms of epithelial ion transport and excretion in invertebrates McMaster
Olfert, Jason Inversion Algorithms for the Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier with Applications Alberta
Ordonez, Martin Renewable Flex DC Building-Scale Energy Systems British Columbia
Paquin, Jean-François Organofluorine Chemistry: New Synthetic Methods, New Reactivity and Novel Applications Laval
Parameswaran, Meenakshinathan Writing out an electrochemical biosensor using a pencil graphite Simon Fraser
Pattabiraman, Karthik Building Error Resilient Software on Next Generation Computing Platforms British Columbia
Percival-Smith, Anthony Functional dissection of Drosophila homeodomain transcription factors required for development of the body plan. Western Ontario
Peres-Neto, Pedro Ecology in spatially and temporally structured environments Québec à Montréal
Plettner, Erika Mechanisms of Insect Pheromone-Binding Proteins and a Bacterial Cytochrome P450: Elucidation of Function and New Applications Simon Fraser
Price, Christopher The role of theca cells in ovarian follicle atresia in cattle Montréal
Punnen, Abraham Algorithms for some hard discrete nonlinear optimization problems and applications Simon Fraser
Reyhani-Masoleh, Arash Efficient and reliable computations for lightweight and/or high-performance cryptosystems: algorithms, architectures, designs and implementations Western Ontario
Rhebergen, Sander Numerical algorithms for higher-order accurate discretizations of flows on deforming domains Waterloo
Rodrigue, Sébastien Development and application of droplet microfluidics for high-throughput single-cell and single-molecule genomics Sherbrooke
Ross, Pierre-Simon Eruptive processes of maar-diatreme volcanoes INRS
Roy, Chanchal Kumar Change, Similarity and Redundancy in Software Saskatchewan
RUEL, JEAN Développement et raffinement d outils de fabrication et de conditionnement pour valves aortiques entièrement biologiques Laval
Salvail, Louis On the Foundations and Methods of Quantum Cryptography Montréal
Schnitzer, Mireille Data-adaptive learning in causal inference for high-dimensional data structures Montréal
Schoenbohm, Lindsay How do Continental Plateaus Grow? Mantle to Surface Dynamics of the Anatolian and Andean Plateaus Toronto
Seferos, Dwight Selenium and tellurium-based organic materials Toronto
Selvaganapathy, Ponnambalam Microsystems for drug discovery and biological studies McMaster
Simon, Christoph Quantum optics: fundamental tests and quantum technology Calgary
Simons, Andrew Evolutionary response to environmental uncertainty Carleton
Simpson, Myrna Molecular Biogeochemistry of Soil Organic Matter with Environmental Change Toronto
Sinton, David Nanofluidics for Energy Toronto
Smith, Steven Natural and Engineered Biomass Polysaccharide Degrading Nanomachines Queen's
Staroverov, Viktor Accurate Nonempirical Density-Functional Methods with Applications Western Ontario
Sundararaj, Uttandaraman Novel Multiphase Polymer Materials: Synthesis, Processing, Morphology and Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites and Polymer Blends Calgary
Taiebat, Mahdi Multidimensional constitutive and numerical modeling in geotechnical seismic analysis and design British Columbia
Take, William Andrew Impact of climate and climate change on the soil slopes of Canada's natural and built environment Queen's
Tan, Lin History-Based Automated Program Repair Waterloo
Thompson, Benjamin Understanding and promoting plasticity within the human visual cortex Waterloo
Tocheva, Elitza Mechanisms of membrane biogenesis and peptidoglycan remodeling during sporulation Montréal
Tsai, Peichun Interfacial control of transport applications Alberta
Tsogtgerel, Gantumur Analysis of advanced discretizations of partial differential equations McGill
Urtasun, Raquel Holistic Models for Autonomous Driving Toronto
Waldispuhl, Jerome Computational methods and integrative approaches to predict 3D structures of large RNA molecules McGill
Watts, Joel Elucidating the mechanism of prion replication promiscuity Toronto
White, Andrew Riboregulation of RNA Virus Replication York
Wild, Peter Sensor systems to monitor injection and long-term subsurface storage of carbon dioxide Victoria
Willis, Craig Individuals, energetics and infectious disease Winnipeg
Wright, Stephen Population genomics of degenerative genome evolution Toronto
Yavin, Itay Fundamental Interactions and Physics Beyond the Standard Model McMaster
Ye, Zhibin Developing semicrystalline star polyethylenes and advanced polyethylene ionomers Laurentian
Ziou, Djemel Photographie à champ de lumière et optique numérique Sherbrooke
Zovkic, Iva Role of nucleosome composition and histone variant exchange in associative learning and memory Toronto