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Résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte de 2020

Le CRSNG est fier d'annoncer les résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte (SAD) de 2020.

Le Programme de SAD vise à fournir en temps opportun d'importantes ressources supplémentaires afin d'accélérer le progrès et de maximiser les retombées de programmes de recherche exceptionnels. En 2020 le CRSNG a accordé 15,24 millions de dollars à 127 chercheurs mis en candidature au concours de SAD. Les suppléments sont d'une valeur totale de 120 000 $ et sont versés sur une période de trois ans.

La liste des candidats retenus se trouve ci-dessous :

Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte
Résultats du concours de 2020
Nom Titre de la recherche Université
Abidi, Samina E-Health Platform for Remote Health Monitoring using Automated Activity Recognition to Assist Self-Care and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours Dalhousie University
Allen, Patrick Automorphy and adjoint Selmer groups over CM fields McGill University
Barbeau, Benoit Enjeux émergents liés à la présence de manganèse dans les eaux potables École Polytechnique de Montréal
Barriault, Louis New Directions in Photoredox Gold Catalysis and Total Synthesis University of Ottawa
Béïque, Jean-Claude Regulation and plasticity of dendritic compartmentalization features University of Ottawa
Beristain, Alexander Deciphering cellular and molecular pathways controlling invasive trophoblast differentiation The University of British Columbia
Blacquiere, Johanna Structurally- and Proton-Responsive Ligands for Sustainable Catalysis The University of Western Ontario
Bloem-Reddy, Benjamin Statistical machine learning for dependent data: symmetry and novel dependence structures The University of British Columbia
Bovy, Jo Up close and personal: galaxy evolution at high resolution in the Milky Way University of Toronto
Boyer, Alexandre Roles, mechanisms of action and regulation of Hippo signaling in the testis Université de Montréal
Britt, Jonathan The impact of dopamine signaling on cell type-specific striatal neuron activity in vivo McGill University
Brown, Stephen Interplay between mechanical behaviour of the spine and skeletal muscle University of Guelph
Burke, John How are lipid signalling complexes assembled on membranes University of Victoria
Carré, Justin Neuroendocrinology of human social behaviour Nipissing University
Chambers, Craig Integrative mechanisms in human-human and human-robot communication across the adult lifespan. University of Toronto
Chen, Brian Synaptic Targeting in Hard-Wired Neural Circuits McGill University
Chen, Jennifer Development of closely-coupled nanostructures for advanced sensing and imaging York University
Chilana, Parmit Designing User-Centered Interactive Tools for Monitoring Software Learning Patterns Simon Fraser University
Childress, Lilian Quantum optics and sensing with diamond defects McGill University
Christian, Gregory Direct and Indirect Studies of Astrophysical Reactions Saint Mary's University
Clarkson, Christopher Experimental Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoir Sample Properties Using Rate- and Pressure-Transient Analysis Methods University of Calgary
Collins, Shawn Novel Catalysis for Macrocyclization Processes Université de Montréal
Corradi, Nicolas The Genetics of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi University of Ottawa
Cotton, James Electrohydrodynamically Controlled Phase Change Heat Transfer and Thermal Storage Systems McMaster University
Dolatabadi, Ali Analysis of multiphase flows for functional coatings Concordia University
Donelan, Max Mechanisms of Energy Optimization in Human Locomotion Simon Fraser University
Dufour, Suzanne A dynamic partnership: exploring the function and control of extracellular symbionts in thyasirid bivalves Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dumont, Marie-Josée Bio-renewable chemicals and smart materials derived from non-edible biomass McGill University
Durocher, Stephane Algorithms for Summarizing, Representing, and Analyzing Trajectories of Moving Objects University of Manitoba
El Naggar, Hesham Design of sustainable and resilient geotechnical infrastructure for transportation systems The University of Western Ontario
Elfring, Gwynn Modelling the dynamics of active matter The University of British Columbia
Elliott, Kyle Using energetics to link movement with individual fitness across timescales McGill University
El-Sabaawi, Rana Characterizing the ecological effects of phenotypic diversity using the stoichiometric phenotype University of Victoria
Enright Jerger, Natalie Ultra Low Power Secure Processors for Emerging Applications at the Edge University of Toronto
Ensminger, Alexander The molecular circuitry of toxin-antitoxin systems and their contribution to microbial dormancy. University of Toronto
Forde, Nancy Striking a balance: mapping the structural stability and mechanical and chemical responsiveness of collagen proteins Simon Fraser University
Frauscher, Birgit How does the human brain sleep: analysis of scalp-intracerebral correlates to better understand the region-specific neurophysiology of sleep McGill University
Friggstad, Zachary Approximation Algorithms for Clustering and Vehicle Routing University of Alberta
Ghaemi, Sina Smart skin for control of wall-bounded turbulent flows University of Alberta
Godin, Michel Interrogating and Manipulating Biological Material at Small Scales University of Ottawa
Gorbunov, Sergey Enabling New Applications via Cryptographic Tools for Data In-Use University of Waterloo
Greener, Jesse Bacterial biofilms as sustainable catalytic materials studied in customized microfluidic bioanalytical flow-cells Université Laval
Gregory, Diane Intervertebral disc plasticity in response to mechanical and biological perturbations Wilfrid Laurier University
Gruber, Aaron Neural mechanisms of cognitive control: interactions of goal-directed and habit systems University of Lethbridge
Gruninger, Michael Ontologies for the Physical Turing Test University of Toronto
Guilmette, Carl Fossil Subduction Systems and the Evolution of Plate Tectonics Université Laval
Hendricks, Michael Genes, environment, and plasticity in C. elegans behaviour McGill University
Hermon, Jonathan Particle systems and universality of the cutoff phenomenon The University of British Columbia
Hewage, Kasun Life cycle thinking based low-impact construction strategies for Canadian micro-communities The University of British Columbia
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie The many facets of black hole feedback in galaxies Université de Montréal
Hofert, Jan Marius Copula modeling with generative neural networks University of Waterloo
Hore, Dennis Nonlinear Vibrational Probes of Structure at Charged Polymer–Aqueous Interfaces University of Victoria
Jiang, Zhen Ming (Jack) Improving the Software Logging Practices to Support the Decision-Making Process of DevOps Engineers York University
Kamath, Gautam Theoretical Foundations of Differentially Private Statistics University of Waterloo
Kamgarpour, Maryam Stochastic Control for Large-Scale Safety-Critical Systems The University of British Columbia
Karpowicz, Phillip Circadian rhythms in the animal intestine University of Windsor
Kattan, Lina Urban Transportation Operation and Management in a Connected and Autonomous vehicle Environment University of Calgary
Khursigara, Cezar Molecular mechanisms of bacterial cell division University of Guelph
Klein, Ran Pushing the limits of detection with PET University of Ottawa
Kothe, Ute Mechanism and function of tRNA modification and folding University of Lethbridge
La Delfa, Nicholas Advancing digital human modeling and work simulation methods for proactive ergonomics assessments Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Lajeunesse, Patrick Enregistrements morpho-sédimentaires des glaciations sur les côtes et marges continentales Université Laval
Langlois, Valérie Genomic and Physiological Mechanisms of Androgen Signaling: Steroid 5-Reductase Knockout Investigation in Frogs Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Laviolette, François Interpretable Machine Learning for life science data Université Laval
Leclère, Mathilde Gut-lung axis in equine asthma Université de Montréal
Lee, Jinhyuk Advancing cation-disordered electrode materials for high performing and sustainable batteries McGill University
Lei, Antonio Iwasawa Theory, Euler Systems and Arithmetic Applications Université Laval
Li, Yun The molecular and cellular mechanisms of human brain expansion. University of Toronto
Luong, Lien Ecology of fear: ecological and evolutionary consequences of non-consumptive effects of parasites University of Alberta
Maciejko, Joseph Topology, interactions, and disorder in exotic quantum materials University of Alberta
Mark, Brian Bioengineering plant resilience to viral infection University of Manitoba
Matthews, Philip Gas exchange in water and air: Revealing fundamental mechanisms underlying the development and control of the insect respiratory system The University of British Columbia
McDonald, James Moment Methods for Multiphase Flow and Non-Equilibrium Gasdynamics University of Ottawa
McNeil, Christopher Neural and muscular aspects of fatigue and long-term acclimatization to high altitude. The University of British Columbia
Moehring, Amanda The genetic and neural basis of female behaviours in Drosophila. The University of Western Ontario
Mohammadian, Majid Efficient and well-balanced numerical methods for nonhydrostatic three-dimensional shallow flows with moving beds and boundaries University of Ottawa
Nacenta Sanchez, Miguel Angel User Interfaces for Human-Algorithm Collaboration through Modelling University of Victoria
Nekka, Fahima Development and Update of Quantitative Pharmacology Concepts and Computational Models for a Better Understanding of Drug Fate and Action Université de Montréal
Newman, Amy Effects of environmental modification and early life stress on wildlife behaviour, physiology, and fitness. University of Guelph
Oeffinger, Marlene Determining spatial arrangement, stoichiometry, and substrate specificity of messenger RNA-binding proteins along the gene expression pathway. Université de Montréal
Paul, Arghya Engineered Mineral Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites: A Versatile Multifunctional Platform for 3D Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering The University of Western Ontario
Peeters, Els Infrared studies of large carbonaceous molecules. The University of Western Ontario
Perlman, Steven Ecology, evolution, and genetics of parasitism and symbiosis in insects University of Victoria
Plan, Yaniv Low-dimensional structures in high-dimensional data The University of British Columbia
Plourde, Eric Design and implementation of spiking neural network based speech enhancement algorithms Université de Sherbrooke
Preuss, Kathryn Molecule-based Materials with Technologically Relevant Properties University of Guelph
Radovanovic, Pavle Functional Property Correlations in Reduced Dimensions University of Waterloo
Ralph, Paul Reconciling modern design practices with agile software development methods Dalhousie University
Richards, Blake Credit assignment in the neocortex McGill University
Richards, Jeffrey Mechanisms and Evolution of Hypoxia Tolerance The University of British Columbia
Roy, Daniel A Fresh Look at our Understanding of Machine Learning University of Toronto
Sabetzadeh, Mehrdad Infusing Artificial Intelligence into Requirements Quality Assurance University of Ottawa
Sabok, Marcin Measurable group theory, descriptive set theory and model theory of homogeneous structures McGill University
Sadavoy, Sarah The Role of Magnetic Fields in Forming Stars, Disks, and Planets Queen's University
Sawicki, Marcin Exploring Cosmic Noon and Cosmic Dawn with JWST Guaranteed Time Observations Saint Mary's University
Scaffidi, Thomas Hydrodynamics of quantum matter University of Toronto
Scheme, Erik Pattern Recognition Based Myoelectric Control for Emerging Human-Machine Interfaces University of New Brunswick
Seguin, Cheryle Regulation of mechanotransduction in the intervertebral disc The University of Western Ontario
Shihab, Emad Using Analytics to Improve Trust in Software Ecosystems Concordia University
Shugar, Daniel Evolution and morphodynamics of proglacial environments University of Calgary
Sivak, David Nonequilibrium free energy transduction in biomolecular machines Simon Fraser University
Smit, Matthijs The evolving composition and tectonics of the continental crust The University of British Columbia
Smucker, Mark Accurate User Modeling of Search and Decision Making Tasks for Improved Offline Evaluation of Information Retrieval University of Waterloo
Stirling, Peter Nuclear protein quality control mechanisms during genotoxic stress The University of British Columbia
Stolle, Jacob Nature-Inspired Design – Improving Coastal Resilience through Biomimicry Institut national de la recherche scientifique
St-Onge, David Représentation dynamique des essaims pour une téléopération adaptée à la charge cognitive École de technologie supérieure
Stotesbury, Theresa Characterizing the local environment of films created from natural and engineered biofluids Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Strauss, Mike Structure and Function of Bacterial Nanowires McGill University
Takehara-Nishiuchi, Kaori Functional architecture of the cortical network supporting relational memory University of Toronto
Tétrault, Marc-André Liquid Xenon detector for 10ps time of flight positron emission tomography Université de Sherbrooke
Todd, Rebecca Contextual guidance of attention by emotional information The University of British Columbia
Trejos, Ana Luisa Wearable Mechatronic Garments for Motion Assistance The University of Western Ontario
Tremblay, Pascale Mechanisms of experience-induced brain plasticity in the adult speech system Université Laval
Trifkovic, Milana Co-Continuous Hierarchial Porous Materials for Electrochemical Storage and Gas Separation Applications University of Calgary
Walker, Brett Advanced Radiocarbon Dating and Molecular-Level Tools for Evaluating Marine Carbon Cycling in the Canadian Arctic University of Ottawa
Wang, Hao Temporal and Spatial Dynamics in Mathematical Ecology University of Alberta
Wang, Shengrui Large-scale Co-evolving Data Mining for Survival Event Prediction Université de Sherbrooke
Wasmuth, James Understanding the genome-phenotype relationship of host-parasite interactions across a complex life-cycle University of Calgary
Waterman, Stephanie Ocean mixing rates, distributions, mechanisms, impacts and representations from theoretical and observational perspectives The University of British Columbia
Welch, Kenneth The advantages and challenges of a glucose and fructose-rich diet University of Toronto
White, Rachel Atmospheric Waves and Regional Weather Extremes The University of British Columbia
Williams, Jennifer Eco-evolutionary dynamics of population spread and plant demography in a changing world The University of British Columbia
Xie, Wen-Fang AI-driven Visual Servoing of Industrial Robotic Manufacturing Systems Concordia University
Yoo, Paul Advanced Design of Peripheral Nerve Interface Technologies University of Toronto
Zayed, Amro The evolution and genetics of superorganisms York University
Zhang, Xiao-Ping Statistical Signal Processing and Learning on Networks and Graphs Ryerson University
Zhao, Jian Visualization techniques for collaborative data analysis University of Waterloo