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2021 research grants competition - results by peer review committee

Computer Sciences (RTI)
Applicant name Institution Program Title Term Amount awarded
Kelly, Jonathan
Aerospace Studies, Institute for
University of Toronto RTI Within Arms' Reach: Infrastructure for Research in Support of the Canadarm3 Program 1 $148,671.00
Kerschbaum, Florian
Computer Science, David R. Cheriton School of
University of Waterloo RTI Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis 1 $135,342.00
Nabil, Sara
Computing, School of
Queen's University RTI E-textiles Digital Design and Fabrication 1 $111,502.00
Pai, Dinesh
Computer Science
The University of British Columbia RTI High Accuracy Non-Optical Motion Capture 1 $89,938.00
Saeedi, Sajad
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Toronto Metropolitan University RTI Large-scale Multi-robot System 1 $39,102.00
Shkurti, Florian
Mathematical and Computational Sciences (Mississauga)
University of Toronto RTI Autonomous Robots for Scientific Monitoring of Marine Environments 1 $149,320.00
Wood, Frank
Computer Science
The University of British Columbia RTI UBC ML Computational Cluster 1 $150,000.00