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2018 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Prince Edward Island
Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Ahmed, Marya
RGPIN Advanced Polymers and Nanocarriers for Nanomedicine 1511 5 $28,000.00
Burke, Maxim
Mathematical and Computational Sciences, School of
RGPIN Some applications of set theory to analysis 1508 5 $16,000.00
Fast, Mark
Pathology and Microbiology
RGPIN Lower vertebrate immunostimulation and effects on host-pathogen interactions 1502 5 $40,000.00
Sanchez, Javier
Veterinary Epidemiological Research, Centre for
RGPIN Metagenomic characterization of antimicrobial resistance and bacterial community interactions in Canadian dairy herds 1502 1 $29,000.00