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2019 research grants competition results

The results of the 2019 Discovery Grants competition are now available and can be accessed by clicking on one of the following lists:

  1. List by peer review committee ID
  2. List by institution

The first list contains the awards sorted by Evaluation Group. The second list contains the same information sorted by institution. In both listings, only new grants are shown; conditional awards and ongoing instalments of awards made in previous years are not included.

The abbreviations under the “Program” column heading in the tables correspond to the following grant programs:

Funding Opportunity
DDG Discovery Development Grants
DGECR Discovery Launch Supplements
DH Discovery Horizons
DIS Discovery Institutes Support grants
MRSIF Major Resources Support program
RGPIN Discovery Grants program – Individual
RGPNS Discovery Grants – Northern Research Supplements Program
RGPST Ship Time program
RTI Research Tools and Instruments grants program
SAPEQ Research Tools and Instruments grants program – Subatomic Physics
SAPGP Discovery Grants program – Subatomic Physics, Team
SAPIN Discovery Grants program – Subatomic Physics, Individual
SAPMR Major Resources Support program – Subatomic Physics
SAPPJ Discovery Grants program – Subatomic Physics, Project
SMFSU E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowships

The lists are not indexed. Your search is dependent on the searching capabilities of your web browser. The lists contain the name and affiliation of the award recipient, the title of the award, the name of any co-applicants, the duration of the grant, the grant program and the amount awarded in the first year of the award. These data are for information only.