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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2021

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Calgary
Program Name Current
Department Proposed location
of tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSD3 Hamilton, Gregory Calgary Biological Sciences Calgary MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
CGSD3 Scheffer, Gabrielle Calgary Biological Sciences Calgary MICROBIOLOGY
CGSD3 Unger, Colton Calgary Biological Sciences Calgary Evolutionary theory
CGSD3 Lijnse, Thomas Calgary Biomedical Engineering Calgary BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Peterson, Perry Calgary Geomatics Engineering Calgary Information systems design
CGSD3 Wahdan, Ahmed Calgary Geomatics Engineering Calgary INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Burma, Joel Calgary Kinesiology, Faculty of Calgary Kinesiology
CGSD3 McLaren-Gradinaru, Michael Calgary Psychology Calgary Behavioural neuroscience -- learning
PDF Whittier, Danielle Calgary Biomedical Engineering Swiss Federal Inst of Technology Zurich BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
PDF Mahmud, Mallik Calgary Geography ? Remote sensing
PGSD3 Robertson, Adam Calgary Architecture, Planning and Landscape, School of ? CIVIL ENGINEERING
PGSD3 Chipak, Colten Calgary Cell Biology and Anatomy Calgary Behavioural neuroscience
PGSD3 Perras, Justin Calgary Chemistry Calgary INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
PGSD3 Graff, Kirk Calgary Cumming School of Medicine Calgary Behavioural neuroscience
PGSD3 Hodgson, Daniel Calgary Kinesiology, Faculty of Calgary Neurophysiology
PGSD3 Zhang, Mu Ye Calgary Kinesiology, Faculty of Calgary Neurophysiology
PGSD3 Paetkau, David Owen Calgary Physics and Astronomy Calgary Medical Physics
PGSD3 Hart, Chelsie Calgary Psychology Calgary Cognitive science -- fundamental
PGSD3 Chen, Pai Chia Rebecca Calgary Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Calgary Animal ecology