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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2021

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Queen's
Program Name Current
Department Proposed location
of tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSD3 Boccia, Christopher Queen's Biology Queen's EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY
CGSD3 Gene, Samantha Queen's Biology Queen's Ecotoxicology
CGSD3 Grenier-Pleau, Isabelle Julie Queen's Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Queen's MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
CGSD3 Hisey, Rebecca Queen's Computing, School of Queen's ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computer Vision, use
CGSD3 Best, Aaron Queen's Mechanical and Materials Engineering Queen's Kinesiology
CGSD3 Crispo, Luke Queen's Mechanical and Materials Engineering Queen's MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Kudrinko, Karly Queen's Mechanical and Materials Engineering Queen's MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Hilton, Brooke Queen's Psychology Queen's PSYCHOLOGY
PGSD3 Lee, Ting Yat Queen's Biology Queen's Ecotoxicology
PGSD3 Kaczmarek, Emily Queen's Computing, School of ? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computer Vision, use
PGSD3 Goode, Ian Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering Queen's Electromagnetics, compatibility and interfere
PGSD3 Lew, Lindsay Queen's Kinesiology & Health Studies, School of Queen's Kinesiology
PGSD3 Weryha, Alex Queen's Mining Engineering Queen's MINING AND MINERAL PROCESSING
PGSD3 Adan, Hanad Queen's Pathology and Molecular Medicine McMaster MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
PGSD3 Nerval, Simran Queen's Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy ? ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS