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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2019

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Saskatchewan
Program Name Current
Department Proposed location
of tenure
(?=not yet decided)
PGSD2 Peters, Reisha Saskatchewan Chemical and Biological Engineering Saskatchewan Remote sensing
PGSD2 Baloun, Dylan Saskatchewan Biology Saskatchewan ANIMAL BIOLOGY
PGSD3 Bell, Aaron Saskatchewan Biology Saskatchewan Biogeography and landscape ecology
PGSD3 Laing, Brittany Saskatchewan Geological Sciences Saskatchewan EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY
PGSD3 Appelt, Cassy Saskatchewan Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology (APP) Saskatchewan GENETICS
PGSD3 Neiser, Jennafer Saskatchewan Computer Science Saskatchewan ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computer Vision, use
CGSD2 Radford, Chase Saskatchewan Chemistry Saskatchewan MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
CGSD2 Andrushko, Justin Saskatchewan Kinesiology, College of Saskatchewan Kinesiology
CGSD3 Vessey, Colton Saskatchewan Geological Sciences Alberta EARTH SCIENCE (see also Marine geology, 4604)
CGSD3 Neudorf, Joshua Saskatchewan Psychology Saskatchewan Cognitive science -- language
PDF Tiamiyu, Ahmed Saskatchewan Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY