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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2019

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Sherbrooke
Program Name Current
Department Proposed location
of tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSD3 Boulanger, Marie-Eve Sherbrooke Physique Sherbrooke CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS
CGSD3 Leroux, Catherine Sherbrooke Physique Sherbrooke PHYSICS
CGSD3 Turcotte, Sara Sherbrooke Physique Sherbrooke PHYSICS
CGSD3 Rivard, Nicolas Sherbrooke Biologie Sherbrooke MICROBIOLOGY
PGSD3 Tremblay, Maxime Sherbrooke Physique Sherbrooke PHYSICS
PGSD3 Cote, Samantha Sherbrooke Médecine nucléaire et radiobiologie Sherbrooke Neurophysiology
PGSD3 Rossignol, Julien Sherbrooke Génie électrique et génie informatique Sherbrooke ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING
PGSD3 Martel, François Sherbrooke Génie mécanique Sherbrooke MECHANICAL ENGINEERING