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2012 Scholarships and Fellowships Competition Results

The results of NSERC's 2012 Scholarships and Fellowships competition follow. The list is not indexed, so your search depends on the searching capabilities of your Web browser.

Note that these results reflect the NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS), Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) and Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF) in the natural sciences and engineering that were offered in March 2012, for tenure in 2012-13. Since these awards can be accepted or declined as late as January 2013, the actual number of awards accepted fluctuates. In 2011, NSERC discontinued its past practice of offering more awards than its budget allowed, in anticipation that some awards would be declined. Instead, NSERC offered the exact number of awards provided for in the CGS, PGS and PDF budgets in March, then offered additional awards in June once the number of declined offers was known. NSERC does not post updates to these results, but this information can be found through NSERCís Awards Database.

The list of names is ordered according to the type of award offered:

  • CGS M/PGS M (one-year scholarship for the first or second year of graduate studies);
  • CGS D2/PGS D2 (two-year scholarship tenable during the first five years of doctoral studies);
  • CGS D3/PGS D3 (three-year scholarship tenable during the first five years of doctoral studies); and
  • PDF (two-year postdoctoral fellowship).

Canada Graduate Scholarships are offered to the top-ranked PGS applicants, as recommended by NSERCís scholarships and fellowships selection committees. Should any of the initial CGS offers be declined, NSERC will offer a CGS to the next most highly ranked applicant awarded a PGS in the same program and discipline grouping. A list of 2012-2013 CGS holders will be posted on this Web site when all the available awards have been taken up.

Since NSERC must adhere to the provisions of the Privacy Act regarding personal information, only basic award information is provided: name of successful applicant, university and department at time of application, area of proposed research, and the proposed location of tenure.

The proposed location of tenure appears as ? (unknown) if this information is not available for any reason (e.g., the applicant did not provide it on the application or specified two or more choices). CGS awards are only tenable in a Canadian university; if an applicant wishes to study abroad, the CGS must be declined.

Note: The annual award values of these awards are indicated below. The numbers of eligible applications evaluated by the NSERC selection committees in this year's competition were:

Awards by category Total applications Number of awards offered Annual award values
PGS M/CGS M 1588 PGS M 50 $17,300
    CGS M 790 $17,500
PGS D/CGS D 1628 PGS D 426 $21,000
    CGS D 233 $35,000
PDF 1254   98 $40,000

Note: Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada are eligible for these awards.