NSERC 2030: A Strategic Plan

NSERC is embarking on the development of a new strategic plan, NSERC 2030, which will reflect Canada's priorities for the funding of natural sciences and engineering over the next decade. The plan will outline a vision, mission and implementation strategy, and will provide us with insight on the execution of our mandate as a science and engineering research funding agency.

Engaging stakeholders

Developing our new plan will involve extensive engagement with many external stakeholders, including universities, colleges, institutes, companies, professional societies, federal and provincial government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. We will also engage with people conducting research, teaching, studying and making policies that embody our Canadian research community.

Throughout the strategic planning process, NSERC will apply an equity, diversity and inclusion lens to its approach and will be deliberate in providing opportunities for all voices to be heard. To that end, an Indigenous engagement plan has been developed to foster collaboration and understanding.

NSERC staff will also play a key role throughout the consultation process as well as knowledge gained from international best practices.

We will provide several opportunities for stakeholders to provide comments or thoughts as we progress to help shape NSERC’s next strategic plan. We want to hear from you!


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