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Archived in January 2013 Schedule 12: Ownership of Equipment and Facilities


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1. Policy

The Institution is required to comply with the sections entitled “Ownership of Items Purchased or Collected with Grant Funds” and “Moving Equipment, Material or an Unexpended Equipment Grant” found under Administrative Matters at the following website:

Equipment and facilities can be purchased, established or supported with funds from grants awarded exclusively for those purposes, and through other research grants that are awarded for projects or programs.

By signing an application for equipment or facilities, the Institution assumes responsibility for ensuring that the funds it receives from the Agency and the equipment or facilities purchased with those funds are used and managed in accordance with the policies established by the relevant Agency. The Institution is the owner of the equipment or facilities.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 Responsibilities of the Institution

The Institution agrees:

  1. to insure and house the equipment or facilities, including vehicles;
  2. that if a grant is made directly for the purchase of equipment or the establishment of facilities, it will:
    1. ensure that the grant funds are used to purchase approved items as specified in the grant application or in the letter of award, or obtain the relevant Agency’s approval for any proposed purchase of an item that was not previously approved;
    2. ensure others’ access to the equipment and facilities; and
    3. provide an accounting for any excess of the amount granted over the amount spent on the equipment or on the establishment of the facilities and ensure that any excess funds are handled in the manner that the relevant Agency specified in the terms it set out when it made the grant.
  3. acknowledge funding sources (e.g., use of Agencies’ equipment stickers);
  4. consider requests for transfer of equipment in order to maximize the use of the equipment for research (e.g., when a Grant Holder moves from one Institution to another); and
  5. make reasonable and appropriate efforts to use for research-related purposes only the proceeds from any sale of equipment purchased, or facilities established, with funds granted by the Agency.

2.2 Transfer or Loan of Equipment or Funds for Equipment or Facilities

In the event that equipment or facilities are transferred or loaned by the Primary Institution the following arrangements may apply:

  1. the Primary Institution retains ownership of the equipment or facilities and has the responsibilities outlined in this Schedule, but may reach an agreement to relocate the equipment/facilities. There should be a letter of agreement that confirms ownership of the equipment/facilities and the associated responsibilities, how it will be used and what access researchers from each institution will have;
  2. the Primary Institution may transfer ownership of equipment or facilities to a Secondary Institution, through a gift or sale. A written of agreement should be in place before the transfer takes place; and
  3. The Primary Institution may transfer funds for equipment or facilities to a Secondary Institution, in which case Schedule 9: Transfer of Funds From a Primary Institution to a Secondary Institution will apply.

2.3 Responsibilities of the Agencies

Each Agency agrees to:

  1. provide clear and, as much as possible, harmonized guidelines for the ownership, protection, use, disposition and movement of equipment purchased or facilities established using funds granted by the Agency;
  2. advise Institutions in a timely manner of equipment and facilities grants that pertain to them and of details of award specifications; and
  3. advise Institutions, upon request and in a timely manner, about Agency policies applicable to equipment and facilities.

3. Resolution of Issues of Non-Compliance

In the event circumstances arise in which an Institution appears to be or are found to be in non-compliance with the Agency policy under this Schedule, the Agency will follow the procedures described in Schedule 8 at the entry level appropriate to the situation.

4. Transfer of Funds

When a Primary Institution transfers grant or award funds to a Secondary Institution for the purpose of purchasing equipment or facilities, Schedule 9 applies.

This Schedule forms part of, and complements, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Institution and the Agency/Agencies published at: