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Requirements for the Public Announcement of NSERC Grants, Scholarships and Prizes

As a federal granting agency, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is responsible for demonstrating to Canadians the exceptional value and importance of the research it funds.

NSERC grants, scholarships and prizes present valuable public relations opportunities for post-secondary institutions, government and partners. Over the years, NSERC has successfully collaborated with individuals and organizations to increase the visibility and impact of public announcements.

NSERC has specific roles and responsibilities that it must fulfill whenever it engages in a public relations event. For example, NSERC is required to brief the Minister of Industry on all public announcements. The involvement of federally or provincially elected representatives requires special consideration for protocol and puts additional demands on the planning process. We therefore request that you contact NSERC before any invitations are extended or event dates are confirmed.

Before you begin planning a public announcement (i.e., an event, news release and/or Web site posting) related to one of NSERC’s grants, scholarships or prizes, please contact NSERC.

If you are acknowledging NSERC in your materials, we ask that you:

  • inform NSERC;
  • include a quote from NSERC’s President in materials for the media or general public, if applicable; NSERC staff will provide a quote on request; and
  • include NSERC’s visual identity in media materials, presentations, publications, Web sites, advertising and promotional material.

NSERC values the feedback it receives after each event. Tell us what worked and what could be improved. We also appreciate receiving copies of any media coverage. This information is very helpful for the planning of future events. In return, we will share our knowledge and experience with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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