Programs planned to be evaluated in the next five years1

Fiscal year (of the planned date for deputy head approval of the evaluation report) Title of the evaluation Completion of last evaluation Link to department’s Program Inventory Planned spending associated with the program(s) evaluated (dollars)
2017–18 Evaluation of Research in Strategic Areas 2015 1.3.1 Research in Strategic Areas $79,014,955
2017–18 Evaluation of College and Community Innovation 2013 1.3.6 College and Community Innovation $55,007,909
Total organizational spending for 2017-18       $134,022,864

1 Please note that a five-year evaluation schedule has not been submitted as NSERC is currently transitioning to a Departmental Results Framework (DRF).

Link to the departmental Program Inventory Completion of last evaluation Rationale for not evaluating in the current five-year cycle Planned spending associated with the programs not planned to be evaluated (dollars)
Total organizational spending Not applicable Not applicable 0

Total planned organizational spending in dollars (programs planned to be evaluated in 2017-18 plus programs with no planned evaluations in 2017-18): $134,022,864.

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