Internal audits and evaluations

Internal audits completed in 2017–18

Title of internal audit Completion date
Audit of Research Portal 2.0 (Phase I) July 2017

Evaluations completed, or planned to be completed, in 2017–18

Title of evaluation Link to the department’s Status on March 31, 2018 Deputy head approval date*
Evaluation of Climate Changes and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) Discovery Research Completed June 2017
Evaluation of Commercialization of Research: Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) Research Partnerships Completed September 2017
Evaluation of Commercialization of Research: Idea-to-Innovation (I2I) Research Partnerships Completed March 2018
Evaluation of Research in Strategic Areas Research Partnerships In progress June 2018
Evaluation of the Colleges and Community Innovation (CCI) Research Partnerships In progress September 2018

* An evaluation is considered complete when the deputy head approves the evaluation report (including a management response and an action plan).

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