Review Committees

Collaborative Research and Training Experience program (CREATE)

Committee number: 1078 Program: Scholarships and Fellowships Competition year: 2024

Collaborative Research and Training Experience program (CREATE)
Role Name Organization End date
Chair Éric Plourde Université de Sherbrooke 2024
Members Bruno Belzile Kinova Robotique 2026
Benjamin Bolker McMaster University 2024
Nora Casson The University of Winnipeg 2025
Frédéric-Georges Fontaine Université Laval 2026
Olivier Henry École Polytechnique de Montréal 2024
Sarah Jordaan McGill University 2026
Nella Ludlow Wright State University 2025
Richelle Monaghan Wilfrid Laurier University 2026
Hakim Nesreddine Hydro-Québec 2026
Nithya Rajan Texas A&M University 2024
Pratim Sengupta University of Calgary 2026
Ulrike Stege University of Victoria 2026
Martina Steiner University of Toronto 2026
Mohamed Touaibia Université de Moncton 2024
Stéphane Villeneuve Université du Québec à Montréal 2025
Jia Yuan Yu Amazon USA 2024
Program Officer Guy Faubert Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

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