Review Committees

Synergy Awards for Innovation

Committee number: 1557 Program: Prizes and Science Promotion Competition year: 2024

Synergy Awards for Innovation
Role Name Organization End date
Chair Peter Laffin Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 2024
Members Evgueni Bordatchev National Research Council of Canada 2026
Sébastien Houle Productique Québec 2025
Joelle Foster North Forge Technology Exchange 2025
Caroline Larrivée Ouranos 2024
Kendra MacDonald Canada’s Ocean Supercluster 2026
Elicia Maine Simon Fraser University 2024
David Miller Carleton University 2024
Josée Pharand Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada 2024
Kirsty Salmon bp 2026
Giovanna Sebastiani McGill University 2026
Gary Thompson College of the North Atlantic 2026
Program Officer Laure Ouedraogo Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

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