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Form 183A - Instructions

Research Partnerships Programs

Information Required from Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships Programs

New electronic submission option for Information Required from Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships Programs (Form 183A)

Researchers now have the option to complete and link Form 183A electronically through their own submission portfolio. Organizations participating in research partnerships programs still have the option to complete and link the form electronically, but researchers now have the option to do this on the organization’s behalf.

The letter of support, company profile, and business plan (if applicable) are still required documents associated with Form 183A.

How to Complete Form 183A

Read and/or print the following documents before beginning Form 183A:

Whom should I contact if I need help?

If you have questions regarding:

  • the program to which you are applying (e.g., content of the application, program deadlines, eligibility, budget, etc.), contact the Research Partnerships Directorate at (613) 992-1585 or (613) 992-5606;
  • the On-line System, send an e-mail to or call (613) 995-4273.

Please include in your message the e-mail address where you may be contacted as well as your telephone number.

Before you begin

General instructions for participating organizations

All organizations (except postsecondary institutions) participating in the Research Partnerships Program are required to provide a completed copy of Form 183A and relevant documents. The form is used for several different programs and by various types of organizations. Please complete all applicable sections.

Once submitted to NSERC, the information contained in this Form will be protected. It will be subject to the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act. For more information please see the Access to Information and the Privacy Act in the Program Guide.

NSERC's Policy on Intellectual Property is applicable to all NSERC programs unless otherwise explicitly indicated in program literature. This policy, which outlines the expectations for all participants, should be consulted before completing Form 183A.

Read and/or print the document Guidelines for Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships Programs before beginning Form 183A.


The regulations governing the awards are in effect as of September 1, 2003. NSERC may, without notice, alter the programs or the terms and conditions of the awards. Any major changes will be announced immediately on NSERC's Web site:

What do the signatures on the application mean (paper and electronic)?

Read and/or print the section What do the signatures on the application mean?

Completing Form 183A for a Research Partnerships Program


Use this section to provide the information as required.

Enter the name and title of the person at the organization whom NSERC should contact, if necessary, regarding the application and subsequently, if a grant is awarded, regarding the administration of the award.


Enter the complete mailing address of the organization and the address of the contact person if different from the organization’s address.


Indicate if your organization has an R&D department, the number of R&D staff in Canada, and the annual R&D expenditures.


Enter the information as required.


Use this section to indicate the contributions by the organization that supports the research project.

Indicate the contributions applied to the direct costs of research, as well as the name of the person authorized to represent the organization.


If an applicant or co-applicant has ownership in a sponsoring company, include a statement that demonstrates how the relationship complies with the NSERC guidelines for researcher-owned companies.


The letter of support from the organization must be attached to Form 183A and must include:

  • the organization's support for and agreement with the proposal submitted to NSERC;
  • the reasons for being involved in the proposed collaboration;
  • how the organization expects to integrate the results into its operations or to otherwise benefit from the anticipated outcomes;
  • (for projects) the further effort required to exploit the results in Canada;
  • the potential for benefit to the Canadian economy and the relevant time frame;
  • the anticipated interaction of the organization's personnel with researchers from postsecondary institutions;
  • the contribution to the direct costs of the research, in cash and in-kind, as stated in the research proposal; and
  • if applicable, a description of the R&D programs with details of any public funding received that is directly related to the application.

Note: If the application is to be mailed, attach the letter of support bearing the original signatures with the full application and mail it to the NSERC address indicated below. If the application is submitted electronically, the letter of support must be attached electronically. The original, bearing signatures, must be retained at the institution and made available to NSERC upon request. The letter must be on the organization's letterhead and signed by an authorized representative of the organization.

Note: If the letter of support is for an Industrial Research Chair Renewal (for the Chair's second or subsequent term), the letter must also address the following:

  • the extent to which the Chair objectives for the current term are being met;
  • the involvement of the company personnel in the Chair and the nature of the working relationship with the Chairholder and his or her research group;
  • the impact the Chair has had on the supporting company and the benefits which have accrued from the Chair;
  • the nature and extent of the company's support of the Chair in the current term, including both cash and in-kind contributions;
  • the motivation for supporting the Chair for another term;
  • the nature and extent of the company's support (cash and in-kind) for the next term; and
  • the expected level of interaction in the next term.


Provide a concise profile of the company (not more than 1/2 page), including the nature of its operations (including production, manufacturing, provision of services, or similar commercial activities) in Canada and its existing or planned capacity to use project results. Please note that reference to the company’s Web site is not acceptable in lieu of the 1/2 page company profile.


Once the application is received, NSERC staff may request a copy of the company’s most recent annual report if available, or other evidence of the company’s financial position (the latter will be considered confidential). Publicly traded companies should not upload their annual reports if they are available on the Internet.


For an Idea to Innovation (I2I) application, a full business plan must be attached (see Preparing a Project Business Plan for more details). The document should describe the company’s plan for the commercialization of the project’s results and should not exceed 10 pages.

How to submit Form 183A and associated documents if the applicant opts for a paper submission

The completed Form 183A and accompanying documents must be returned to the applicant to be submitted with the application.

Mailing Address

Send your correspondence to:
Research Partnerships Program
350 Albert Street
Ottawa ON K1A 1H5

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