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Current Winner
2009 Innovation Challenge Award

James She

Wireless Media Express

University of Waterloo

James She
James She

Wireless Media Express (WME) is a key ingredient for cost-effective, efficient wireless delivery of high-quality digital video to media devices. Adoption of wireless broadband access and the increasing popularity of smart phones make WME a timely invention.

To download new advertising content onto fixed or mobile digital displays at hundreds of sites, a company could use WME to deliver to all networked locations. This is far better than manually updating content.

Wireless video delivery to networked devices is hampered by interference, receiver movements and obstacles, causing fluctuating capacity and unreliable reception. WME overcomes these challenges. With two or more video signals in the same wireless transmission and a unique protection mechanism, the technology serves all types and conditions of receivers and ensures the highest quality. When bad reception occurs, WME recovers lost video data. It creates a reliable wireless platform for digital media delivery and makes strategic use of expensive radio spectrum.