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Past Winner
2022 NSERC Arthur B. McDonald Fellowships

Arthur B. McDonald Fellowships

Ebrahim Karimi

Arthur B. McDonald Fellowships

Department of Physics

University of Ottawa

Ebrahim Karimi is a record-breaking international leader in the field of structured quantum waves and manipulation. In 2016, his team designed and constructed the first 300-m free-space quantum communication link between two rooftops on the University of Ottawa campus, the first demonstration of the feasibility of high-dimensional quantum communication in an urban environment. Since this early success, Karimi’s team, in collaboration with the National Research Council, has designed and constructed the infrastructure for a 5.4-km free-space quantum link between uOttawa and the NRC Campus, the longest link of its kind in Canada.

Now, Karimi is focused on pushing the limits of quantum communication, quantum simulation and quantum sensing, including developing the first-ever extreme quantum microscope, an opportunity for Canada to be the leader of this new strategic field. This revolutionary technology will allow Karimi’s group to explore the dynamics of physical phenomena occurring at the nanoscale and lead to the development of conceptually new photonic, electronic and spintronic devices.

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