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Deadline for nominations: April 15, 2012
Send your printed and signed nomination to:

Synergy Awards for Innovation
350 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1H5
Tel.: 613-992-5606
Fax: 613-992-5337

Note: Incomplete or illegible nominations will be rejected. Please refer to the Nomination Checklist to ensure your nomination is complete.

A peer review selection committee will decide if a partnership is suitable for an award. All decisions are final. If no partnership demonstrates excellence, no award will be made. Entry material will not be returned to the entrants. Winners will be notified by letter following the selection committee meeting and will be recognized at an event hosted or co-hosted by NSERC. NSERC reserves the right to release the entrants' names and a brief description of their partnerships. Any additional disclosures will be made in consultation with the entrants, but no claim may be made against NSERC as a result of such disclosures. The signatures of the university and industrial partners constitute their agreement to be bound by these rules.