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CREATE - Competition Results - 2019

Grant Holder Chen, Bing
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE training program in Persistent, Emerging, and Oil PoLlution in cold marine Environments (PEOPLE CREATE)
University Memorial
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Drake, Jennifer
Title of Proposal Design of Living Infrastructure for Ecosystem Services
University Toronto
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Gu, Jason
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE Interdisciplinary Marine Engineering Research and Industrial Training
University Dalhousie
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Laliberté, Jeremy
Title of Proposal Uninhabited aircraft systems Training, Innovation and Leadership Initiative (UTILI)
University Carleton
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Laviolette, François
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE in Responsible Health and Healthcare Data Science
University Laval
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Lemieux, Victoria
Title of Proposal Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Training Program
University British Columbia
Grant Amount $1,618,550.00
Grant Holder Master, Emma
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE for BioZone: An open science collaborative centre for industrial biotechnology in the context of the circular economy
University Toronto
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Nickerson, Michael
Title of Proposal Canadian Agri-food Protein Training, Utilization and Research Enhancement (CAPTURE)
University Saskatchewan
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Novog, David
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE for Small Modular Advanced Reactor Training (SMART)
University McMaster
Grant Amount $1,649,875.00
Grant Holder Poulin, Marc
Title of Proposal BRAIN CREATE: Interdisciplinary Training Program for New Neurotechnologies
University Calgary
Grant Amount $1,649,235.00
Grant Holder Singh, Jaswinder
Title of Proposal Genome Editing for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability
University McGill
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Skillicorn, David
Title of Proposal Cybersecurity Training for Defending Canada's Government, Critical Infrastructure, Businesses, and Citizens
University Queen's
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Sleiman, Hanadi
Title of Proposal Programmed Molecules for Therapeutics, Sensing and Diagnostics (PROMOTE)
University McGill
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Sun, Yu
Title of Proposal CREATE in Healthcare Robotics (HeRo)
University Toronto
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Wagner-Riddle, Claudia
Title of Proposal NSERC CREATE for Climate-Smart Soils (CREATE-CSS)
University Guelph
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Waldman, Stephen
Title of Proposal CREATE: Industry-Ready talent for Canadian MedTech
University Ryerson
Grant Amount $1,649,500.00
Grant Holder Wilkinson, Kevin
Title of Proposal Advanced Technological Training network on the risk and remediation of Pollution in URban Environments (PURE CREATE)
University Montréal
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00
Grant Holder Yu, Alfred
Title of Proposal CREATE Program on Next-Generation Innovations in Ultrasonics (N-GENIUS)
University Waterloo
Grant Amount $1,650,000.00