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CREATE - Competition Results - 2021

Grant holder Hoare, Todd
Title of proposal NSERC CREATE Training Program for Controlled Release Leaders (ContRoL)
University McMaster
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Bagheri, Ebrahim
Title of proposal NSERC CREATE in Responsible Development of AI (RAI)
University Ryerson
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Mousavi, Parvin
Title of proposal CREATE Training Program in Medical Informatics: Preparing Canada's Workforce for Health Data of Tomorrow
University Queen's
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Tortell, Philippe
Title of proposal Pacific Rim Ocean Data Mobilization and Technology (PRODIGY)
University UBC-Vancouver
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Hebert, Jacqueline
Title of proposal NSERC CREATE in Sensory-Motor Adaptive Rehabilitation Technologies (SMART)
University Alberta
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Pickering, Ingrid
Title of proposal NSERC CREATE to INSPIRE. Interdisciplinary Network for the Synchrotron: Promoting Innovation,Research, and Enrichment
University Saskatchewan
Grant amount $1,650,002.00
Grant holder Zhu, Zheng Hong
Title of proposal SMART Autonomous Robotic Technology for Space Exploration (SMART-ART)
University York
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Brar, Satinder Kaur
Title of proposal Training in Applied Biotechnology for Environmental Sustainability (TABES)
University York
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Landry, Christian
Title of proposal Canadian training program on the evolution of fungal pathogens: EvoFunPath
University Laval
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Shihab, Emad
Title of proposal A Training Program on the Development, Deployment and Servicing of Artificial Intelligence-based Software Systems
University Concordia
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Bahrami, Majid
Title of proposal CREATE - Hybrid Thermal Electric Microgrid (HyTEM)
University Simon Fraser
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Freund, Michael
Title of proposal CREATE for Leaders in Energy Sustainability
University Dalhousie
Grant amount $1,650,000.00
Grant holder Sadeghzadeh Milani, Abbas
Title of proposal NSERC CREATE in Immersive Technologies (CITech)
University UBC-Okanagan
Grant amount $1,650,000.00