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Subatomic Physics Research Tools and Instruments program Frequently asked questions

The NSERC Subatomic Physics Research Tools and Instruments (SAP-RTI) program accepts new grant applications submitted by researchers for review by the subatomic physics evaluation section.

1. Before the 2018 competition, NSERC introduced a limit of one RTI program application per competition, either as an applicant or a co-applicant. Is this also the case for the SAP-RTI program?

No. This requirement does not apply to subatomic physics applicants, as their grant applications are reviewed and supported through a different multi-program envelope. 

2. Can I submit a grant application without first submitting a notification of intent (NOI) to apply for a Subatomic Physics Research Tools and Instruments grant?

For SAP-RTI – Category 1, yes. You are not required to submit an NOI to apply.
For SAP-RTI – Category 2 or 3, no. You must submit a SAP-RTI 2 or 3 NOI to apply by the deadline date. Full applications will not be accepted if an NOI has not been submitted.

3. What is the typical number of co-applicants for SAP-RTI applications? Are co-applicants necessary, especially for SAP-RTI – Category 2 and 3 grants, or can the application refer to the researchers making use of the equipment or facility without having any actual co-applicants?

There is no typical number of co-applicants for SAP-RTI applications, and the layout of the application, the use of the available space, and the choice of researchers to include as co-applicants are left to the discretion of the applicant. However, without co-applicants and their CCVs, the subatomic physics evaluation section could have difficulty in assessing several of the selection criteria in the case of equipment that is intended to support the research activities of several researchers and their highly qualified personnel. This is particularly critical for SAP-RTI – Category 2 and 3 applications.

Applicants are expected to increase the inclusion and advancement of under-represented and disadvantaged groups in the natural sciences and engineering as one way to enhance excellence in research and training. An inclusive research training environment exists where all people are respected and have access to the same opportunities, where each individual — including those from under-represented and disadvantaged groups — can reach their full potential, unimpeded by inequitable practices. A commitment from all researchers to implement specific actions that acknowledge and address barriers to participation (e.g., physical, procedural, visible, invisible, unintentional) is required in order to increase access to the largest pool of qualified potential participants and the overall excellence of research, across all natural sciences and engineering disciplines. For more information, refer to the Guide for applicants: Considering equity, diversity and inclusion in your application (questions 1 to 4) and New Frontiers in Research Funds This link will take you to another Web site Best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion in research.

4. Can I submit the notification of intent (NOI) to apply (Category 2 or 3) or the application for a SAP-RTI grant other than through NSERC’s research portal?

No. The NOI to apply (Category 2 or 3) and the application must be submitted through NSERC’s Research portal.