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Useful Definitions for Applicants to the College and Community Innovation Program

What is considered a college?

The term "college" refers to a community college, institute of technology, post-secondary private college or public college (for example, CEGEPs).

What is a company partner?

A company partner is defined as a local or regional company, providing products or services, that derives the majority of its revenues from the sale of these products and services and not from government aid. Such partners must be willing and able to exploit the research results for the economic benefit of Canada. For this program, we would expect that most of the company partners would be local or regional small and medium-size enterprises.

Multinationals could also participate if they have commercial activities taking place in the region, such as research and development (R&D) or manufacturing related to the proposed research, and if the funded activity will result in significant economic benefit to the region and Canada.

In the case of consortia, financial support of the project derived from company sources can be leveraged, and there must be active involvement in the research project from one or more member companies, or the consortium itself, if the consortia can demonstrate the capacity to guide the project and disseminate the results to its member companies.

Public utilities can also be considered as company partners.

Start-up companies (companies in the R&D phase) that have sound business plans and secure financial backing may be accepted as company partners. However, they must demonstrate that they have, or have the potential to acquire, the capability to exploit the research results.

Please note that the terms “company partner” and “industrial partner” are used interchangeably in the literature describing NSERC’s Research Partnerships Programs and the CCI Program.

What is a centre collégial de transfert de la technologie?

A centre collégial de transfert de la technologie (CCTT) is an organization under the authority of CEGEPs. A CCTT’s mandate consists in carrying out, in a specific area, activities relative to applied research, technical assistance to companies, and information to help develop and accomplish technological innovation projects, and implement and disseminate new technologies.

A CCTT’s participation in a CCI project is recognized by NSERC. However, CEGEPs are not authorized to transfer CCI grant funds to CCTTs. CEGEPs are entirely responsible for budget management and accountability.