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Technology Access Centre grants

Client organizations

Clients are organizations from the private, public, health care or not-for-profit sectors that

  • receive the results of the TAC’s innovation support and research services
  • use the results to help achieve their desired goals
  • play an active role in mobilizing knowledge to ensure that the results have a beneficial societal, health or business impact

Clients are expected to pay for innovation support and research services offered by the TAC on a fee-for-service or cost-recovery basis. If the TAC receives funding from other sources, such as a CCI Program Applied Research & Development (ARD) or College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF) grant, client organizations may provide cash and/or in-kind contributions to meet the grant’s leveraging requirements. Client contributions, along with the grant funds, should cover at least the centre’s cost-recovery expenditures.

Colleges do not need to identify client organizations when they apply for a TAC grant. TAC proposals must include a plan for working with client organizations, including the planned approach for client development, and projections for the number of clients and annual cash revenues from client services. TACs will need to report on funding received from a number of sources (including grant funds), as well as revenue derived exclusively on a fee-for-service or cost-recovery basis for innovation support and research services.

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