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All College and Community Innovation grant recipients must regularly report on their use of grant funds, research activities and research outcomes. You will be provided with additional information about reporting requirements upon receiving your award letter.

Notifying NSERC about changes

To receive subsequent instalments of your grant, you must (1) demonstrate your need for funds and (2) adhere to all conditions specified in the terms and conditions of an award.

You are not required to strictly adhere to the budget presented in the proposal, as long as the grant funds are used for the research, training and other eligible activities for which they were intended. However, you must ensure that the budget line items (e.g., equipment, salaries, etc.) comply with the Tri-agency guide on financial administration, Part 2: Use of grant funds (with exceptions noted under Funding).

The administering institution must complete a Grant Amendment Form and submit to (with CC to to inform NSERC of administrative changes, such as:

  • Deferral of grant instalment
  • Extension period for the authority to use grant funds
  • Continuing eligibility
  • Termination of a grant

For additional information on administrative changes, consult Part 6: Administrative changes of the Tri-agency guide on financial administration.

Extension period for the authority to use grant funds

A one-year time extension to use the grant funds beyond the grant end date is automatically provided for all TAC grants. Contact for additional information on grant extensions.

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