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Mobilize grants provide long-term funding to support college-wide applied research initiatives focused on the priorities of the college's partner(s). These initiatives can span the college's full spectrum of research activities in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities and health sciences fields. Mobilize grants are designed to provide flexibility to accommodate the diverse and unique needs of distinct colleges—whether large or small, urban or rural, with established or newly developing research programs.

Mobilize grants can support single, multiple, or institution-wide college applied research programs to enable the college to allocate resources where they are needed the most. The grants allow colleges to take a strategic and systematic approach in determining the types of resources to be deployed to maximize student training and innovation impacts for its partner(s). Mobilize grants are not meant to support the full costs of the college's research program(s), but to facilitate access to funding from other sources.

Mobilize grants primarily provide stable long-term salary support for the college's researchers, students, faculty, technicians, research administrators, business development personnel and project managers. These grants may also be used towards other direct and indirect costs of research including, but not limited to, the examples detailed below.

  • Mobilize grants allow colleges to establish a new applied research program or to enhance an existing applied research program. This can be achieved by hiring appropriate research expertise and/or by strategically selecting more in-depth projects with partners with the objective of establishing or advancing applied research capabilities.
  • Mobilize grants allow colleges to quickly undertake time-critical research projects without having to submit applications for individual project grants. These short projects can provide enriched college student applied research training opportunities; create or further develop research relationships that can lead to more challenging and involved projects; and resolve a partner's critical need for innovation.
  • Mobilize grants can provide support for colleges to strengthen connections with partners by supporting part or full-time business development resources. Better connections can lead to new collaborative research projects with partners that fully take advantage of other innovation support resources (e.g., universities, government research labs, granting agencies) available within their research ecosystem.
  • Twenty percent of Mobilize grant funding supports indirect costs of research. This funding allows colleges to implement longer-term policies and procedures that align with government research priorities, such as a more equitable, diverse and inclusive research and training environment.
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