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Ms Infinity provides support to young women in science and engineering

The Ms Infinity program created by the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology introduces girls to exciting career options and positive role models in science and engineering.

The program has been breaking down gender stereotypes throughout British Columbia and Yukon for over 20 years.

Ms Infinity encourages girls as young as six years old to see science and engineering as part of their future. Ms Infinity conferences let girls explore different fields of research through fun and interactive workshops led by professional scientists and engineers who develop activities like creating controlled explosions or solving a murder mystery. The variety of activities offered by the program helps girls maintain an interest from grade school through high school. Young girls can connect with Ms Infinity mentors and role models in their fields of interest who help them explore options for their future education.

Ms Infinity is open to young women of all cultures and ethnicities who are interested in science and engineering. Support from NSERC’S PromoScience Program is helping expand Ms Infinity’s reach across Canada into areas that lack opportunities to show girls and young women what a career in science and engineering holds for their future.


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