Encouraging vaccine confidence in Canada

Funding your activity

Grants have a value of up to $50,000 and are to be used over a one-year period.

Additional funding and in-kind contributions leveraged from other sources should be outlined in the application.

You can use the grant to cover operational costs, such as staff and personnel salaries, materials, supplies or translation, as long as they are essential to the delivery of activities supported by the grant. Meals, travel and accommodation for participants in the activity are also an eligible expense, where or when circumstances allow. Items such as tobacco and gifts to Elders are also eligible, as honoraria.  You may not use the grant to support research, however.

For further details on the eligibility of expenses, see the Use of grant funds section of the PromoScience grants guide, which will be used for this funding opportunity. The information in this guide may change without notice.

Note that for this funding opportunity, the following are not eligible expenses:

  • costs for evaluation of the activity
  • salaries or stipends for participants in the activity
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