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Quick tips

Explaining research in 60 seconds takes skill, talent and planning. You need to deliver BIG IDEAS in bite-sized portions. To help you get started, we've gathered some tips to keep in mind when producing your filmed or animated video entry.

focus on key points

Limit your information to facts that will help your audience understand the research.


What problem is being solved?
What innovation is being developed?


How is this research being conducted?
How is this approach unique?


Why does this research need to be done?
Why will it benefit Canadians? Be specific!

use plain language

Go through your script and ask yourself, "Is there a cleaner way to explain this?"


"The apis mellifera transfers entomophile particles from helianthus annuus to its habitat."


"The honeybee transfers particles of pollen from the sunflower back to its habitat."


"The honeybee carries pollen from the sunflower to the beehive."

titles matter

Come up with a memorable title that describes your video in five words or less.


"Production Profile of Apis Mellifera Colonies"


"How Bees Produce Honey"


"The Hard Hustle for Honey"

How do I impress the judges?

technical quality

Clear audio?

Good camerawork?

Decent editing?


Is it original?

Does it have strong visuals?

Is it engaging?


Does it simplify research?

Can the audience understand it?

Does it use everyday language?

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