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Digital exhibition

This free eye-catching digital exhibition created from research images is a great way to add a special touch to your events, learning activities and presentations. The exhibition is a thoughtful mix of art and science.

The research community throughout the country submit images to the contests Science Exposed and La preuve par l’image showcasing various research projects in a creative and visual way.

The 6-minute video in MP4 is available in English, French and bilingual versions. It is offered at no cost as a science promotion initiative.

Email us to get the digital exhibition.

Guessing game

This fun guessing game is a good way to entertain people of all ages: the audience is given a clue, so they can guess what appears on a zoomed-in photo. The animated game then reveals the full photo and provides a description. The free video in MP4 showcases 12 photos with English, French or bilingual text.

Email us to get the guessing game.

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