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  1. NSERC - ARCHIVED - Appendix 1 - Terms of Reference, working group ...
    ... WHEREAS these Institutional roles and responsibilities represent the basic requirements
    for obtaining and maintaining eligibility to administer Grant and/or ...
    URL: - 101k
  2. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERCís Industrial R&D Fellowships (IRDF)
    ... IRDF program to include candidates at both levels; however it does not appear that
    interest in candidates at the Masters levels would be at the expense of PhD ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  3. [PDF] Discovery Grants Peer review manual 2020-21
    ... Subject matter eligibility 1.4 ... For the Discovery Grants Program, decisions on subject
    matter eligibility (SME) are the responsibility of NSERC staff. ...
    URL: - 2020-08-18
  4. [PDF] Assessment of NSERC/SSHRC Award Monitoring Activities
    ... this expression needs to be clarified as the notion of eligibility must necessarily ...
    weighed against the risk they represent of an ineligible expense not being ...
    URL: - 2009-01-15
  5. [PDF] Final Report
    ... the CCI program favours the NSE disciplines stems from funding eligibility requirements
    and ... funded projects as it is not a specific, eligible expense of the ...
    URL: - 2019-01-09
  6. [PDF] Prepared by: Hickling, Arthurs and Low March 5, 2003 Contents ...
    ... strongly concurs with the Reportís statement that increasing grant levels for the
    very best researchers should not be done at the expense of adequately ...
    URL: - 2009-10-02
  7. [PDF] Evaluation of Science and Engineering Promotion initiative ...
    ... Grantees appear to be satisfied with their experience with PromoScience, including
    the eligibility criteria, the duration of the grants, as well as the ease of ...
    URL: - 2018-01-19
  8. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERC ís Discovery Program Final Report
    Page 1. Evaluation of NSERCís Discovery Program Final Report Findings from
    the International Review Panel April 23, 2014 Page 2. Page 3. ...
    URL: - 2015-02-13
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