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  1. [PDF] How to prepare a Discovery Grant
    ... Suitability and inclusion of HQP in research program and specific anticipated
    projects within NSE ... knowledge Value of projects for HQP ...
    URL: - 2020-08-06
  2. [PDF] NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship – Doctoral and Postdoctoral ...
    ... NSERC acknowledges that diversity considerations may not be applicable in the context
    of some research projects, but nonetheless encourages you to fully ...
    URL: - 2020-07-30
  3. [PDF] Selection Committee Guide for Postgraduate Scholarships—Doctoral ...
    ... colleagues, peers, students, and members of the community such as: o teaching,
    mentoring, supervising, and/or coaching o managing projects o participating in ...
    URL: - 2020-07-30
  4. [PDF] Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Evaluation of the contributions ...
    ... each research personnel will be doing? A good research training plan should
    provide details on the activities or projects in which ...
    URL: - 2020-07-27
  5. [PDF] Research Tools and Instruments Peer review manual 2020-21
    ... The necessity of the requested item(s) for the completion of student projects and
    theses should be addressed under the first criterion, as it is related to ...
    URL: - 2020-07-24
  6. [PDF] FORM 101 Application for a Grant PART I
    ... Type of grant applied for For Strategic Projects, indicate the Target Area and the
    Research Topic; for Strategic Networks indicate the Target Area. ...
    URL: - 2020-06-11
  7. [PDF] Management Action Plan Response to the Evaluation of the Discovery ...
    ... Discovery Grant, to increase the number of DAS awards, to provide additional support
    to CTRMS funded institutes, as well as to SAP projects, equipment and ...
    URL: - 2020-05-26
  8. [PDF] Thank you for your interest in Alliance grants.
    ... Alliance grants support projects of varying scale and complexity whose main
    thrust must be in the natural sciences and engineering (NSE). ...
    URL: - 2020-04-30
  9. [PDF] Alliance grants
    ... No active NSERC peer-reviewed grant: you may submit a maximum of 10 pages **
    Multi-party projects: you may add up to 3 pages (under Team) strictly to provide ...
    URL: - 2020-04-30
  10. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... We will work to advance research partnerships through the full implementation of
    the newly established Alliance Grants to support research projects led by ...
    URL: - 2020-03-10
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