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  1. [MS EXCEL] doc
    doc. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K. 1, NSERC Grants and Scholarships, 2, From
    04/01/2013 To 06/30/2013, 3, 4, 5, Name, Institution, Department, Province, ...
    URL: - 2013-08-13
  2. [PDF] Contact Newsletter
    ... More than $32 million in research funding over five years was provided to seven
    projects through the new Climate Change and Atmospheric Research initiative. ...
    URL: - 2013-07-18
  3. [PDF] [Report Title]
    ... resources for administration and management of the IE Grant, such as project managers,
    that allows faculty to focus primarily on research aspects of projects. ...
    URL: - 2013-07-04
  4. [PDF] Climate Change and Atmospheric Research: Funded Projects
    Page 1. Climate Change and Atmospheric Research: Funded Projects Network on Climate
    and Aerosols (NETCARE): Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote ...
    URL: - 2013-05-17
  5. [PDF] Evaluation of the Industrial R&D Fellowships (IRDF) Management ...
    ... Moreover, some hosts identified a desire to expose the IRDF fellow to all research
    projects of the organization during their fellowship to increase their ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  6. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERCís Industrial R&D Fellowships (IRDF)
    ... IRDF recipients are engaged in a variety of activities and projects within their
    host organizations, and are generally involved in broader activities and ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
    ... NSERC also includes information about the USRA program in letters that are sent
    to companies participating in research projects funded by NSERC (ie, the ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  8. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERCís Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF)
    Page 1. Evaluation of NSERCís Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF) FINAL REPORT
    Submitted to: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  9. [PDF] Audit of Procurement and Contracting Management
    ... and supports discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian
    companies to participate and invest in post-secondary research projects in the ...
    URL: - 2013-04-30
  10. [PDF] Annual Report
    ... In 2013-14, NSERC will launch Discovery Frontiers projects on the theme of exploring
    big data, in collaboration with Genome Canada, CIHR, Canada Foundation for ...
    URL: - 2013-03-28
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