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  1. [DOCX] Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration Course
    ... For information about the TAGFA, refer to the Guide itself and/or the TAGFA
    Course PowerPoint deck. ... Emphasis in the TAGFA Course. ...
    URL: - 2020-06-29
  2. [XLSX] Readiness checklist
    ... 3, A comprehensive list of steps recommended to successfully implement the new
    principled-based Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA). ...
    URL: - 2020-04-14
  3. [DOCX] Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration Course
    ... TAGFA Course Activity Booklet. Purpose. ... Viewpoint: Principles It should be an
    appropriate use of grant funds. Viewpoint: TAGFA directives. ...
    URL: - 2020-06-29
  4. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering
    ... Protected B when completed 1. Deferral of Grant Instalments/Annual Commitment Payments
    (TAGFA section 3.8): ... 4. Continuing Eligibility (TAGFA section 6.1): ...
    URL: - 2019-12-23
  5. NSERC - Inter-Agency, Tri-Agency Financial Administration ...
    ... What makes the 2019 Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA) different
    from the 2017 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide (TAFAG)? ...
    URL: - 31k
  6. [PPTX]

    URL: - 2020-06-29
  7. [PPTX] Title
    ... needed. Observations from PILOT administering institutions. TAGFA Pilot Project:
    Background. A ... TAGFA Pilot Project: Status Update. The Guide ...
    URL: - 2020-04-15
  8. [XLSX] Policy GAP Analysis Tool
    ... 6, The tool is a template to help administering institutions benchmark their policies
    against the new TAGFA requirements and should be tailored to institutional ...
    URL: - 2020-04-14
  9. NSERC - Inter-Agency, Tri-Agency Financial Administration, Roles ...
    ... list provides an overview of these responsibilities, but each directive noted in
    the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (“TAGFA” or “the Guide ...
    URL: - 29k
  10. NSERC - Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)
    ... GBA+ review of new principle-based Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration
    (TAGFA) and of NSERC’s funding opportunities (research grants and scholarships ...
    URL: - 31k