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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is Canada's science-based regulator of food, plants and animals. As such, the CFIA is committed to enhancing the safety of food produced, sold or imported into Canada, contributing to the health of animals and protecting the plant resource base. To meet these commitments, the Agency administers and/or enforces 13 federal acts and their respective regulations.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides a range of laboratory services across Canada, including: chemical, microbiological and physical analytical services related to foods, feeds, fertilizers and seeds; diagnostic testing, technology development and transfer, containment laboratory approvals, scientific advice and analytical capability for animal and plant diseases and pests; technical expertise to support the development and operation of evolving inspection practices; and responding to consumer complaints.

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Dr. Martine Dubuc
Science Branch
Tel.: 613-773-5722
Fax: 613-773-5797

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1400 Merivale Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0Y9

The Agency laboratories are divided into four area networks:

Atlantic Laboratory Network

Laboratories located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; Moncton, New Brunswick; and St. John's, Newfoundland, work in the areas of potato diseases; pathogens and GMO’s; marine toxins and veterinary drugs; fish chemistry and microbiology; foodborne pathogens; and food chemical contaminants.


Susan Shaw
Area Laboratory Network Director – Atlantic
Tel.: 902-426-8214
Fax: 902-426-4330

1992 Agency Drive
P.O. Box 1060
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 3Z7

Quebec Laboratory Network

Laboratories located in St-Hyacinthe and Longueuil, Quebec, work in the areas of porcine indigenous diseases, retrovirology, food virology, veterinary virology, pathology and biotechnology, nutritional labelling verification, nutritional compostion, food allergens and colours, marine toxins, and foodborne pathogens.


Sylvye des Marchais
Area Laboratory Network Director – Quebec
Tel.: 450-773-7730
Fax: 450-773-8152

3400 Casavant Blvd. West
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
J2S 8E3

Ontario Laboratory Network

The Greater Toronto Area Laboratory, the Ottawa Laboratory (Carling) and the Ottawa Laboratory (Fallowfield) work on food safety, quality and prevention of fraud within the food supply, animal and plant health. The areas covered include, chemical, and extraneous matter contaminants, residues and adulterants, foodborne pathogens in fish and food and their products; chemical contaminants, pathogens and drug residues in feed, feed supplements and fertilizers; avian and mycobacterial diseases, germplasm (semen and embryos of domestic livestock), brucellosis, rabies, TSEs, animal vaccines, plant, plant products including GMOs and pests.


Sandra Fry
Area Laboratory Network Director – Ontario
Tel.: 613-228-6698
Fax: 613-228-6660

Ottawa Laboratory (Fallowfield)
3851 Fallowfield Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 8P9

Western Laboratory Network

Laboratories located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta; and Burnaby and Sidney, British Columbia, work in the areas of plant viral diseases and their elimination; food allergens and toxins including marine toxins and viruses in shellfish; pesticides in food, feed, and fertilizers; environmental contaminants; meat species identification, bacteriological contamination of meat, and veterinary drug residues in meat and non-meat foods of animal origin (eggs, dairy, honey); bovine and equine indigenous viral diseases; leptospirosis; anthrax; anaplasmosis; diseases of non-traditional livestock species; transmissible spongiform encephalopathies; rabies; brucellosis; foodborne zoonotic parasites; as well as seed identification, purity, and germination.


Dr. Mohit Baxi
Area Laboratory Network Director – West
Tel.: 403-382-5501
Fax: 403-381-8283

Animal Diseases Research Institute
Township Rd. 9-1
P.O. Box 640
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 3Z4

National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD)

The foreign animal diseases laboratory is co-located with the Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. This laboratory specializes in foreign animal disease work for Canada.


Dr. Soren Alexandersen
National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases
Tel.: 204-789-2102
Fax.: 204-789-2038

1015 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3E 3M4