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Innovations and Solutions

At Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), Innovations and Solutions, of the Real Property Branch’s Advisory & Practices – Professional Services Directorate, acts as the national centre for real property science and technology expertise and as a major contributor to advancements in building sciences in Canada. The unit develops solutions for technological challenges related to the design, construction, maintenance, use, operation and deconstruction of the real property assets managed by the department.

In effect, the unit researches, develops, demonstrates, promotes and transfers leading-edge technologies to provide value-added services to PWGSC and its clients. The unit sets its research focus in line with government priorities and strategies, as expressed in the Speech from the Throne, and with PWGSC business plans, senior management decisions, major government funding initiatives such as the Program of Energy Research and Development, as well as client needs across the country.

The unit carries out its program of applied research in collaboration with the private sector, universities and other national and international research organizations. It is part of an informal network of centres that recognize each other’s expertise, pool their resources and leverage their efforts to achieve results.

The department has traditionally been a major government player in the research and development of innovative construction technologies. PWGSC has earned a national reputation for its work on leading-edge technologies related to physical infrastructure. The department has made significant breakthroughs, primarily in energy conservation, life-cycle management, workplace environments, and in adapting existing technologies to innovative applications in building science. It has implemented new technologies in actual projects to demonstrate their effectiveness. It has also shown a unique ability to work with the private sector to transform research innovations into products and practices that significantly impact building design, construction methods, and the work environment to the benefit of all Canadians. PWGSC has earned national and international recognition for its research in building science and technology – most significantly, in the development of new standards based on its work.

The real property applied research of PWGSC is grouped under four program priorities, described below:

  • Energy and Sustainability: Comprehensive research is needed to save energy in buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts in support of government initiatives.
  • Supportive Workplace Environments: A supportive workplace environment means appropriate lighting, heating and cooling levels, managed noise, sense of daylight and good air quality. Research has made a significant difference in the design of the office environment.
  • Physical Infrastructure: Research and the implementation of new technologies extend the useful life of buildings by increasing the integrity of their components and systems.
  • Integrated Building Performance: New knowledge only becomes valuable when it is applied and takes advantage of all media to make its innovations available to interested users.

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