Supplement for Research in the Field of Impact Assessment

This supplement is available to you only if you are awarded a Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master's (CGS M), an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship – Doctoral (PGS D), a Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (CGS D) or an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) award.




Application procedures

See below


The objective of the Supplement for Research in the Field of Impact Assessment is to:

  • support and encourage research for high-quality impact assessments, including project-level, regional and strategic assessments in natural sciences and engineering by high-calibre postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows pursuing studies in areas of relevance to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC)
  • expand the research community focused on impact assessments
  • encourage the dissemination of research findings with all groups who can benefit from this research


This supplement provides financial support to high-calibre postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows pursuing research in the field of impact assessment. IAAC offers up to 20 supplements annually.


To be eligible for this supplement, you must hold an active CGS M, PGS D, CGS D or PDF award, and your research project must fall within one or more of the research areas of relevance to IAAC (see below). You may hold more than one supplement over the course of your award, and you will remain eligible for this supplement so long as your award is active.

Eligible award holders will be identified based on the proposed research in their initial application. Research areas of relevance to IAAC include the following keywords:

  • Artificial intelligence (related to environment)
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Best available technology
  • Best environmental practices
  • Citizen science
  • Cumulative environmental effects
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental management
  • Habitat
  • Impact assessment
  • Mining
  • Mitigation
  • Monitoring (related to environment)
  • Natural resources
  • Oil sands
  • Pipeline(s)
  • Precautionary principle
  • Risk or uncertainty (related to environment)
  • Sustainability or sustainable environment
  • Terrestrial ecosystems
  • Wildlife (monitoring, assessment and impacts on)

Supplement value

NSERC will supplement, on behalf of IAAC, your CGS M, PGS D, CGS D or PDF award by $10,000 for one year.

Application procedures

You are automatically considered for this supplement if you meet the eligibility criteria and hold an active CGS M, PGS D, CGS D or PDF award.

For more information about the research that is being conducted at IAAC, visit the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada Research Program website.

Selection process

Eligible applications will be reviewed by NSERC and IAAC staff, and supplements will be offered to those most closely aligned with the objectives of this supplement.

In order to advance Canada's reconciliation agenda and equity, diversity and inclusion in the areas of research relevant to this funding opportunity, priority may be given to those who self-identify as Indigenous*, women, visible minorities, members of the 2SLGBTQI+ community and/or persons with a disability.

* “Indigenous peoples” is a collective name for the original peoples of North America and their descendants. “Aboriginal peoples” is also often used as a synonym. For the purposes of this supplement, NSERC uses the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982 definition of Aboriginal peoples as including the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada.

Notification of results

You will be notified by email, directly from NSERC, if you are a successful recipient of this supplement, and NSERC may publish your name (and other basic award supplement information) on its website.

Note: To support dissemination and knowledge mobilization, you may be invited directly by the IAAC to share the results of your research with the Agency (for example, presenting your research to Agency staff, participating in a virtual symposium with other recipients, and/or providing information about where your research will be/is published online).


The supplement payment will be made by NSERC, on behalf of IAAC. If you are holding your award at an eligible Canadian institution, your institution will issue payments to you for the total value of the supplement in accordance with its own payment schedule. If you are holding your award outside an eligible Canadian institution (for example, at a foreign institution) NSERC will issue a payment directly to you.

Refer to the Payment of award section of the Tri-agency Research Training Award Holder's Guide for more information about CGS M, PGS D, CGS D and PDF award payments.


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