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IPY - The IPY circumpolar flaw lead (CFL) system study

Research Details
Application Id: 334882-2006
Competition Year: 2006 Fiscal Year: 2006-2007
Project Lead Name: Barber, David Institution: University of Manitoba
Department: Environment & Geography Province: Manitoba
Award Amount: $256,000 Installment: 1 - 3
Program: Special Research Opportunity Program - Northern Research Selection Committee: Evaluation Committee
Research Subject: Biological oceanography Area of Application: Environment
Co-Researchers: Derocher, Andrew
Fast, Helen
Ferguson, Steven
Fortier, Louis
Gosselin, Michel
Gratton, Yves
Hanesiak, John
Lovejoy, Connie
MacDonald, Robie
Miller, LisaAnn
Mucci, Alfonso
Roy, Suzanne
Stern, Gary
Tremblay, JeanEric
Partners: No Partners
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