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Field corrosion protection of welded joints in pipeline systems by low pressure cold spray

Research Details
Competition Year: 2011 Fiscal Year: 2011-2012
Project Lead Name: Maev, Roman Institution: University of Windsor
Department: Physics Province: Ontario
Award Amount: $25,000 Installment: 1 - 1
Program: Engage Grants Program Selection Committee: Ontario Internal Decision Committee
Research Subject: Materials science and technology Area of Application: Materials performance
Co-Researchers: No Co-Researcher Partners: The Windsor Utilities Commission
Award Summary

Water transmission and distribution pipelines are considered an essential part of the infrastructure worldwide.
The need to protect underground pipes from corrosion has been ongoing for many years, as the interaction
between the soil and the pipe substrate can result in an electrochemical reaction that may lead to loss of metal
and subsequent corrosion. As a result of corrosion, pipelines lose their structural rigidity leading to leaks and
can cause catastrophic damage to property and environment should the corrosion and leaks go unchecked.
Thus, one of the most important tasks for any water utility is to adequately protect its assets by addressing
corrosion and leaks extending the lifespan of the pipeline network and minimizing repair works.

We propose to use Low Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS) Process as a novel maintenance tool for express repair of
leaky water transmission and distribution pipelines. The main feature of the LPCS technology is the formation
of dense powder coating layers at the near ambient temperature, using a stream of accelerated particles directed
toward the substrate. The process is realized without particle melting, a major shortcoming inherent to all
thermal spray techniques.

The overall objectives of the proposed project are: (a) develop the optimal metal ceramic powder composition
possessing elevated corrosion resistance to protect the low carbon steel welds; and (b) perform pilot trials of
the LPCS-based pipeline welded joint corrosion protection technology, with the Industrial Partner's