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The Canadian arctic GEOTRACES program: biogeochemical and tracer study of a rapidly changing arctic ocean

Research Details
Application Id: 433848-2012
Competition Year: 2012 Fiscal Year: 2012-2013
Project Lead Name: Francois, Roger Institution: University of British Columbia
Department: Earth and Ocean Sciences Province: British Columbia
Award Amount: $271,842 Installment: 1 - 6
Program: Climate Change and Atmospheric Research Selection Committee: Climate Change and Atmospheric Research
Research Subject: Oceanography Area of Application: Climate and atmosphere
Co-Researchers: Allen, Susan
Bergquist, Bridget
Cornett, Jack
Cullen, Jay
Guéguen, Céline
Hamme, Roberta
Holmden, Chris
Kienast, Markus
Klymak, Jody
Maldonado, Maria
Mucci, Alfonso
Myers, Paul
Orians, Kristin
Rivkin, Richard
Ross, Andrew
Thomas, Helmuth
Tortell, Philippe
Varela, Diana
Wang, Feiyue
Waterman, Stephanie
Partners: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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