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Plant uptake based assay of nutrient stoichiometry for fish hatchery waste

Research Details
Application Id: 523357-2018
Competition Year: 2018 Fiscal Year: 2018-2019
Project Lead Name: Unc, Adrian Institution: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Department: Science and the Environment, School of Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Award Amount: $23,950 Installment: 1 - 1
Program: Engage Grants Program Selection Committee: Atlantic Internal Decision Committee
Research Subject: Agricultural waste management Area of Application: Aquaculture
Co-Researchers: No Co-Researcher Partners: Northern Harvest Sea Farms Inc.
Award Summary

Northern Harvest Smolt Ltd. (NHS Ltd.), is a fish hatchery located on the western coast of Newfoundland. The**waste produced by the hatchery's recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) is currently disposed at a cost. NHS**Ltd. does plan to reduce costs and enhance their competitivity by re-directing the stream of waste towards land**application. Nevertheless, the company's understanding of the potential value of such application is not yet**sufficiently advanced to propose it as a nutrient stream to the local farmers, and any germane information from**other jurisdictions is not necessarily directly applicable to Newfoundland conditions. Thus, the project aims to**elucidate the nutrient use efficiency of RAS waste and also developing a relevant plant-centered assay for**current and future uses as the company expands its activities. The ultimate goal is to increase the integration of**the NHS Ltd. activities within the local northern economy and support future expansion of the company by**creating an integrated economic model that includes environmental sustainability and to develop and test a**verification protocol that can be employed by the company for future similar technical inquiries.