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BIOS2: Computational Biodiversity Science and Services

Research Details
Application Id: 509948-2018
Competition Year: 2018 Fiscal Year: 2020-2021
Project Lead Name: Gravel, Dominique Institution: Université de Sherbrooke
Department: Biologie Province: Québec
Award Amount: $300,000 Installment: 1 - 3
Program: Collaborative Research and Training Experience Selection Committee: CREATE Program
Research Subject: Evolution and ecology Area of Application: Environment
Co-Researchers: Archambault, Philippe
Bayne, Erin
Bêty, Joël
Bruneau, Anne
Gonzalez, Andrew
Jacques, Pierre-Étienne
Kembel, Steven
Otto, Sarah
Peres-Neto, Pedro
Poisot, Timothée
Partners: No Partners
Award Summary

big data, biodiversity, collaborative training, computational ecology, environmental assessment, global changes, modeling, monitoring, sustainable development, synthesis