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Effect of micronization to improve the protein solubility and texture of cricket powder

Détails de la recherche
Numéro de l'application : 477594-2014
Année de concours : 2014 Année financière : 2014-2015
Nom de la personne : Kubow, Stan Institution : McGill University
Département : Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Province : Québec
Montant : 25 000 $ Versement : 1 - 1
Type de programme : Programme de subventions d'engagement partenariat Comité évaluateur : Comité de décision interne pour le Québec
Sujet de recherche : Chimie alimentaire et analyse Domaine d'application : Aliments transformés et boissons
Chercheurs associés : Aucun associé Partenaires : Aspire Food Group
Sommaire du projet

The Aspire Food Group produces an Aketta milled product, which is a product made with 100% ground
Acheta domesticus (common house crickets). The product could be used as a food ingredient or be
incorporated in novel food products. In order to facilitate the widespread adoption of this product as a common
food ingredient, especially in societies that are not accustomed to using insects as a food item, several aspects
of the product as it currently stands require remediation. These aspects pertain to organoleptic qualities,
nutrient composition and physicochemical properties. In that regard, organoleptic characteristics are affected by
the uneven and relatively large particle size of the cricket flour, which has a grainy texture that imparts an
adverse mouthfeel that is difficult to overcome with masking flavoring agents. Micronization will be employed
to test its utility as an innovative approach to fractionize the particles of the Acheta domesticus in order to
maximize surface area for bioaccessibility and to enhance other organoleptic and application properties,
including solubility in water.