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Dried black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae as a quality protein source for poultry and salmonids

Détails de la recherche
Numéro de l'application : 491541-2015
Année de concours : 2015 Année financière : 2015-2016
Nom de la personne : Anderson, Derek Institution : Dalhousie University
Département : Plant and Animal Sciences (Faculty of Agriculture) Province : Nouvelle-Écosse
Montant : 25 000 $ Versement : 1 - 1
Type de programme : Programme de subventions d'engagement partenariat Comité évaluateur : Comité de décision interne pour l'Atlantique
Sujet de recherche : Nutrition et élevage des animaux Domaine d'application : Agriculture et produits alimentaires primaires
Chercheurs associés : Aucun associé Partenaires : Enterra Feed Corporation
Sommaire du projet

Enterra Feed Corporation (Enterra) produces black soldier fly larvae meal (BSFL meal), a 60% protein meal, which is used to recover nutrients from traceable, pre-consumer organics, such as greenhouse vegetable waste. In addition to being a source of protein, BSFL meal provides additional health benefits. It contains chitan, a natural a natural antimicrobial, as well as defense antimicrobial peptides. Enterra's company-specific problem is that they require a market for their product. Although BSFL meal has potential for immediate use in poultry and aquaculture feeds, there remain gaps in data on its efficacy in Atlantic salmon and laying hens. These gaps must be filled prior to marketing this feed ingredient and Enterra lacks the facilities and expertise to conduct such research. To remedy this problem, a first-time research relationship with Dr. Derek Anderson at Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (Dal AC) has been sought by Enterra. In this project, researchers at Dal AC will determine the physiological effects of BSFL meal as an animal feed ingredient for future development and to enter external markets. This project will included testing BSFL meal on laying hens and Atlantic salmon at Dal AC. In each species, feeding trials will address inclusion rates and performance data. Enterra will provide the test product as well as additional consultation and support. This project will financially benefit Enterra by providing them with specialized information that will lead to improved products, which Enterra will use to enter new markets. It also benefits the environment by offering a new outlet for organic waste materials that create on-going environmental issues, by converting them into a high-margin, saleable commodity (BSFL meal). It will benefit the Canadian economy by developing a product in demand by poultry and aquaculture industries world-wide and by creating new jobs as use of this product expands.