A Morphing Aircraft Wing

Ruxandra Botez is researching morphing aircraft wings that change shape to adapt to changing conditions, helping to create the next generation of aerodynamic, efficient and sustainable aircraft


Botez holds a senior Canada Research Chair at Montréal’s École de technologie supérieure. She is working in partnership with an Italian research team at University of Naples Frederico II, and industrial partners Bombardier Aerospace, Thales Canada, and Alenia Aeronautica. The goal is to design, manufacture and test a prototype system consisting of a morphing wing and a morphing aileron. This research could significantly reduce energy consumption and lead to a greener aerospace industry. Not only will this project be extremely beneficial to Canada’s aerospace sector, it will provide a number of postgraduate students with skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in the industry.

For the period 2012-15: NSERC contribution, $1.5 million; industry partners and others, $1.2 million.