Food Innovation in Atlantic Canada

“Canada's Smartest Kitchen” has become one of eight college operations across Canada to receive funding to pilot a new concept of Technology Access Centres


The Charlottetown centre blends research and training in culinary expertise, advanced technology and food science with the specific goal of assisting local industries and companies meet their needs in taking products from concept to market. NSERC funding will allow an expanded range of research and food product development services to businesses right across Atlantic Canada. The Kitchen—the research arm of the Culinary Institute of Canada, itself part of Holland College—already makes a significant contribution to economic development in the region. With its growing network of business, academic and government partners, it is well on track to become the premier industry resource for the development of marketable, value-added food products in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

For the period 2011-16: NSERC contribution, $1.8 million, partners and others, $733,400; other government sources, $800,000.