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Alliance Advantage

During your research project

Acknowledging NSERC

You must acknowledge NSERC support in any communications or presentations about the research supported by your Alliance grant.

Reporting progress

You must report regularly on how you use the funds from your grant, the activities you carry out during your funded project and the outcomes of this project. You will be informed of reporting requirements upon receiving your award letter.

Notifying NSERC about changes

Subsequent instalments of your grant depend on (1) a demonstrated need for NSERC funds and (2) adherence to all other conditions specified in the terms and conditions of an award.

You must notify NSERC:

  • if any of your partner organizations’ cash contributions, as committed to in the application, are not received, as this may lead to a reduced award
  • if any of your partner organizations leave the project—in this case
    • you should discuss with NSERC the impact on your ability to achieve the original goals of the project and whether the project may need to be amended
    • if you no longer have at least one partner organization that is recognized for cost-sharing, you have up to six months to find an alternate partner organization
    • if you cannot find such an organization, you must notify NSERC and submit a wind-down plan that focuses on student support

If you and your partner organizations fail to provide the requested feedback, your subsequent applications may be denied. If a partner organization fails to honour its commitments, NSERC may also decline to consider it in future applications.

Extension of grants

Your grant can be extended in various ways. You can take advantage, as required, of three types of extensions: an optional one-year extension with additional funding, an automatic one-year extension without additional funding, or an additional one-year extension without additional funding for extenuating circumstances. These extensions can also be combined.

Optional one-year extension with additional funding

If you have found new opportunities as your project unfolds, you may request additional funding for a one-year extension period. This option is available only for grants under Alliance Advantage and only if the initial period of your grant was one to four years (five-year grants are excluded). You must apply for a funded extension in the first six months of the last year of your initial grant. If you wish to take advantage of a funded extension, you must complete it before other extensions without funding.

If you wish to request an extension with funding, your partner organizations must be willing to continue supporting the project and provide additional cash contributions. The original cost-sharing ratio applies. You may request up to the average annual amount in the original grant.

To request an extension with additional funding, contact your NSERC File Manager. Your File Manager will discuss extending your grant and provide instructions on how to apply. If your initial grant includes partner organizations from the private sector, NSERC will consider your request for an extension only if your grant was awarded after July 23, 2021.

Automatic one-year extension (no additional funding)

Following the initial period of your grant or a funded extension, NSERC will automatically extend your grant for one year to allow you to complete your planned activities. No additional funding is provided for this automatic one-year extension. Automatic extensions do not apply to special Alliance calls funded jointly with other organizations unless mentioned in the special call. This extension can follow the initial term or, if you have successfully applied for the optional one-year extension with additional funding, after the funded extension.

Additional one-year extensions for extenuating circumstances (no additional funding)

If you need additional extensions due to justifiable extenuating circumstances, you can apply for these using a grant amendment form. Such extensions are up to one year at a time and do not include additional funding.

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